Find the Spill Kit That Is Right for Your Site

Step 1. Find the types of liquids you have in the left-hand column.

Step 2. Find the size of your container of potential spill along the top row.

Step 3. Find where the type of liquid and size of potential spill intersect.

Step 4. Match the colour code to the contents page and match the code to your kit.

Spill Type / Size 0-19L 20-30L 30-49L 50-99L 100-149L 150-269L 270-400L 400-770L 770L+
Oil / Fuel on Land TSSTSK TSS32GP TSS50W TSS120GP TSS120W TSS240GP TSS240W TSS660W TSS2000W
Oil / Fuel on Water TSS20W TSS50W TSS50W TSS120W TSSMK1 TSS240W TSS240W TSS660W TSS660W
Oil / Fuel / Coolant / Herbicide / Pesticide TSSTSK TSS32GP TSS50EA TSS120GP TSSWKS TSS240GP TSS300EA TSS660WR TSS660WR
Acid / Caustic / Oil / Fuel / Coolant / Herbicide / Pesticide TSS20EA TSS50EA TSS50EA TSS120EA TSSDGK TSS300EA TSS300EA TSS800EA TSS800EA


Used absorbent materials are only to be disposed of in accordance with local, State and Commonwealth laws or regulations. Liquids absorbed by Spill Station® Absorbents maintain the same properties and handling requirements as prior to the spill. Spill Station® products are sold or supplied in absence of any warranties implied on the appropriateness of the product for any particular purpose except as required by relevant government authorities. Information contained herein does not constitute a warranty on Spill Station® products in any form. Information contained herein are only an approximation and to e used only as a guide and are subject to change. Spill Station® and the Spill Station® logo are registered trademarks and cannot be used without express written permission. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Spill Station Australia® Pty Ltd will not be liable for damages of any type either incidental or consequential that may arise out of the purchase, use, disposal or inability to use Spill Station products.