Select The Best Spill Kits in All of Australia

Spill kits are essential for any site that handles or stores hazardous liquids, including oils, fuels, solvents and anything else that could contaminate a worksite and prove hazardous to human or environmental health. They are especially critical for sites where primary containers such as tanks, drums or IBC’s are located outside of bunded areas (i.e. areas where containers are being moved around the site or during decanting). 

If you fail to have ample spill prevention on your site, you can put your workplace, your employees and the environment at risk, and be liable for large fines and even jail time. According to Australian standards, if you handle hazardous liquids on your site, you need to take all the necessary steps to prevent spills from happening. If a spill does occur, you need to contain it and clean it up correctly – and this is where our fully compliant spill kits come in.

The Best Spill Kits Australia Has to Offer

Our spill kits are made from premium materials and meet all necessary Australian standards. Our kits include sorbent pads, loose absorbents, booms, personal protection equipment (PPE), and contaminated waste bags, as well as everything else you’ll need to clean up spills safely, swiftly, and effectively. The items in our kits can be swapped out or adjusted to meet your specific requirements. Commonly, our kits are used in agriculture, bulk liquid transfer, factories, warehouses, workshops, refuelling areas, loading docks, processing plants, and Class 3 and Class 6 storage facilities. Whatever your business or your industry and whatever the liquid you need to contain, we have a spill kit for you. 

Our Handy Spill Kit Selector

Choosing the right spill kit for your needs can be daunting. The spill kit you require will depend on the types of liquids you have on-site, the location in which these liquids are stored, the largest likely spill and the area that a spill would affect. To ensure that you have an effective spill response, you need to make sure you have the correct size of spill kit with a suitable type of absorbent. The size of the spill kit you need should be at least equal to your largest container or 25% of the total you would move on a pallet. For example, if you are moving a pallet containing 48 x 20L drums (960L), your spill kit should have no less than 240L capacity.

Our spill kit selector makes the process of choosing the right spill kit easy. To use our selector and find the ideal spill kit for your needs, just follow this simple 3-step process:

Step 1. Find the types of liquids you have in the left-hand column.

Step 2. Find the size of your potential spill along the top row.

Step 3. Click on the item code where the type of liquid and size of potential spill intersect.

Spill Type /Size 0-19L 20-30L 30-40L 40-120L 120-240L 240-350L 350-550L
Oil / Fuel on Water TSS20W TSS50W TSS50W TSS120W TSSMK1 TSSMK1100 TSSMK1100
Oil / Fuel /Coolant /Herbicide /Pesticide TSSIS20GP TSS32GP TSSIS40GP TSSIS120GP TSSIS240GP TSS400GP TSS700GP
Acid /Caustic /Oil /Fuel /Coolant /Herbicide /Pesticide TSSIS20HC TSSIS40HC TSSIS40HC TSSIS120HC TSSIS240HC TSS375EA TSS800EA


Need a Hand? Just Get in Touch

If you need a hand figuring out which spill kit is best for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have helped countless businesses from all industries to prevent spills, remain compliant and protect their employees and the greater environment. Whatever your spill kit needs, we will ensure that you get the perfect kit for the job. Need other spill equipment? We also offer chemical storage products, spill kit training programmes, spill compliance audits and spill kit maintenance solutions. You can browse our full range of spill products here

Spill Kit FAQs

Why do I need a spill kit?

You need a spill kit because it is a legal requirement, and because in the event of a spill, it will help to protect your workplace, your employees and the environment. According to Section 360 of the Work Health and Safety regulations, any workplace that handles, generates or stores hazardous materials must ensure that safety equipment is readily available for use in an emergency. If a spill occurs on your site and you don’t have the correct equipment, you can be fined or even incur jail time. 

What is included in a spill kit?

A spill kit contains everything you need to clean up a spill as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible, such as sorbent pads, loose absorbents, PPE (personal protective equipment), booms and contaminated waste bags. Our kits can be tailored to suit your needs. 

What makes your spill kits the best in Australia?

Our spill kits are made of high-quality equipment, and they are designed to meet all necessary Australian standards. We develop our kits to be used in all sorts of industrial environments, including agriculture, factories, warehouses, workshops and anywhere that requires safe storage of all chemicals including Class 3, Class 8 or Class 6 substances. 

Where do I need to keep my spill kit?

Your spill kit should be kept in a location that is easy to access, and close to wherever spills are likely to occur. Your spill kit can be kept inside or outside, but you need to ensure that the spill kit is watertight and that the contents of the spill kit are protected from UV radiation. 

Does my spill kit require maintenance?

Yes. WHS regulations require all safety and emergency response equipment to be maintained and ready to respond. Spill kits must be regularly inspected and restocked to ensure that all items are present, working properly and within their expiration date. Generally, your spill kit should be checked at least every 3 months. During this check, you should make sure all the items are present, replace any used or worn components, remove any rubbish or foreign objects and make sure that your spill kit is placed in a strategic location. Spill Station offer a spill kit maintenance and mapping service to help you comply with your obligations.If you have any questions about performing these inspections,find out more on our scheduled equipment maintenance page

What sorts of spill kits do you provide?

We provide spill kits for all needs. We have general-purpose spills kits, hazchem spill kits, oil & fuel spill kits, lab & medical spill kits and marine spill kits, as well as spill kit refills and accessories. You can browse all of our available spill kits here. 

What are general purpose spill kits?

General-purpose spill kits can be used to clean up oils, fuels, coolants and other general workshop liquids. They should not be used to clean up acids, caustics or other chemicals. Our general purpose kits are made from polypropylene, which is durable and highly absorbent. The kits contain everything you need to clean up general spills, like absorbent booms, pads, contaminated waste bags and more. 

Where do I dispose of used sorbent pads?

Each state jurisdiction has variations in waste classification and disposal guidelines. The correct waste stream for any used absorbents will be determined by the nature of the contaminant. Generally, small amounts of general hydrocarbons can be disposed of in general landfill provided there are no free liquids. To make sure that you dispose of your used absorbents in the best and most compliant way, we recommend that you consult with your current waste service provider.

What do I need to have in my spill kit?

The items in your spill kit will depend on the liquids you are containing, the volume of a likely spill, and the layout of your worksite. All spill kits are required to have personal protective equipment (PPE), hazardous waste bags and absorbents. If your potential spill is large, you will require booms. If your spill is likely to occur from a puncture, Plugitup Putty will be a very useful addition. If your spill is likely to occur near a drain, a Drain Seal will keep the spill onsite and assist with a fast clean up. To ensure that your spill kit contains everything you need to clean up spills in your unique environment, we recommend that you give us a call to discuss your requirements. 

What type of absorbent do I require?

This will depend on the liquid you are dealing with. If the liquid is a chemical (like acids, corrosive chemicals or alkalis), you will need chemical absorbents. If your liquid is oil (e.g. hydrocarbons like diesel, petrol, oil-based paints, lubricants or solvents), you will need hydrophobic oil absorbents.

Do my staff need to be trained to use a spill kit?

Yes, your staff must be trained to use your spill kit effectively. Thankfully, our accredited Spill Kit Training Course covers everything your employees need to know in order to control small on-site spills. You can read more about our training here

What is the process of cleaning up a spill?

To learn more about the process of cleaning up a spill, we recommend that your employees undertake spill kit training. In general, a spill clean-up is a six-step process:

  1. Assess the spill
  2. Contain the spill using PPE
  3. Apply absorbents
  4. Dispose of the absorbents in disposable bags
  5. Report the spill
  6. Restock your spill kit

The above is just a reference guide – the exact spill response that you will need to undertake will depend on the type of spill you are containing and the spill kit that you select. 


Used absorbent materials are only to be disposed of in accordance with local, State and Commonwealth laws or regulations. Liquids absorbed by Spill Station® Absorbents maintain the same properties and handling requirements as prior to the spill. Spill Station® products are sold or supplied in absence of any warranties implied on the appropriateness of the product for any particular purpose except as required by relevant government authorities. Information contained herein does not constitute a warranty on Spill Station® products in any form. Information contained herein are only an approximation and to e used only as a guide and are subject to change. Spill Station® and the Spill Station® logo are registered trademarks and cannot be used without express written permission. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Spill Station Australia® Pty Ltd will not be liable for damages of any type either incidental or consequential that may arise out of the purchase, use, disposal or inability to use Spill Station products.