Spill Kit Rental

Spill Kit Rental

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When it comes to spill control compliance, Spill Station Australia can tailor a solution that fits your specific needs.

In short term project, civil and construction applications, spill kit rental provides a real alternative to purchasing outright and can give you tangible benefits.

Spill Kit Rental Info Sheet

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Benefits of Renting

• Cost effective flexibilty during periods of high or low demand
• Rentals are not recorded as a liability on the balance sheet
• Free up capital for better utilisation in other areas
• Potentially claim renting costs as a tax deduction
• Caters to short-term equipment needs
• Avoid storage and transport costs
• Achieve worry free compliance
• Don’t own a depreciating asset
• Reduced initial outlay
• Improved cash flow
• Easy to upgrade


How it Works

1. Select the spill kits you require from our range of AusSpill Quality Compliant spill kits or you can discuss your requirements with us to determine the right solution.

2. Once the right spill kit have been selected you sign the rental agreement and you are billed for the equivalent of 2 weeks rental starting from the date the kits are picked up or delivered to your site.

3. Each week you are billed using your nominated credit card until the goods are returned.

4. Once the goods are returned you will be billed for the components used or any amount in credit will be refunded to your nominated credit card.