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When you create a safe and healthy workplace, you improve efficiency and morale, no matter what industry you’re in.  

Workplace inspections of your safety equipment is the best way for you to remain legally compliant in the eyes of the Australian Government, but also keep on top of general best practice in the workplace. 

By calling Spill Station to look at your safety shower and eyewash stations, your spill kits and a general look at your safety needs, you can make sure that everything is kept compliant, safe and productive. 

Workplace Inspections are Vital

By conducting a thorough inspection of your workplace, you can really get ahead of potential injuries, incidents and illnesses. By choosing a third party inspector, you can have an impartial party look at your workplace and look into how to best adhere to the government led compliance guidelines. You can then get useful information on how to circumvent, prevent and fix these issues before they actually cause a dangerous situation to occur down the line. 

This is What To look For 

When an inspector comes by to look at your workplace from Spill Station, they are either undertaking two types of audits: 

  1. General safety audit

This is when we help you identify what hazards are in place at your workplace. This includes everything from chemical hazards, to hazards to workers skin or eyes, and spill hazards to name a few. 

  1. Existing Equipment Inspection

This is when your existing safety showers, eyewash stations and spill kits are inspected for correct placement, integrity and the like. Essentially making sure your safety equipment is ready to be used as needed. 

Here’s Why Safety Inspections Are Vital

Save Money in The Long Run

When done often, safety inspections can save costs. When a company spends money to check their overall safety, what it uncovers may contribute to saving money in the long run. When your safety equipment is checked, any faults or flaws that can lead to issues can be found before they become an issue. By doing small maintenance, you can save the money that would be required to replace an entire safety product. 

Remain Compliant Legally

Legal matters are expensive, so it’s best to keep on top of what is required of you as a workplace legally. This is especially true of health and safety, as this is one way to prevent long legal battles, but also the repercussions of workplace accidents and injuries. By having the right safety equipment in place, you are adhering to the Australian Standards, and thus are remaining compliant in your workplace.

Increase Employee Safety

By auditing your workplace and checking your safety equipment you are making sure your workplace is safe for your employees. It will also have the added benefit of teaching your employees where hazards are, and to be aware of them. Overall, increasing employee safety is one of the best aspects of safety inspections. 

Identify Specific Hazards & Problems

If your workplace is free of any safety equipment and you’re unsure of any hazards that you may have in the workplace, a full workplace audit can be the key to knowing where hazards are and how to neutralise or prepare for them. If you have existing safety equipment, knowing if they have a fault is great, as it can help you remain safer for longer. 

Increase Overall Productivity

If there is a leak, a spill or a worker incident without the appropriate safety measures on hand to help deal with it, you can lose high levels of productivity as often work has to stop to allow for emergency procedures to occur. To avoid worker disruptions, keep your workplace safe and compliant, and contact Spill Station to help you as required.


The goal of this inspection is to prevent accidents, injuries and incidents from occurring in the workplace. This is done by looking at the workplace and its functions to see where potential hazards may occur, and then look into how these hazards can be removed, neutralised or accounted for with safety measures. 

Even if you think your industry doesn’t need an audit, most Australian industries carry out risk assessments anyway. You may think only workshops, petrol stations and labs need safety audits, but they are also recommended for a variety of other industries. This includes anywhere that chemicals are stored or moved, anywhere workers may be hit by or exposed to chemicals or debris, and anywhere fuel is handled. 

When you partner with Spill Station, someone from our team of experts will come to your workplace with a checklist. This means that they will be looking at legal guidelines as they look into your workplace and will have the expertise to explain why certain measures must be taken. 

Often the experts from Spill Station will take a guided tour of a workplace, that allows them access into every space possible. They will only require access to spaces, any relevant safety equipment your workplace uses and usually speak to a manager or safety officer on site. 

If you are wanting your existing safety measures checked, the expert will need to see the equipment inventory, any checklists you already use.

After your audit is complete, our experts will draft up a report to let you know where the issues are and how they can be eliminated, neutralised or which safety requirements can reduce risk. You can then place an order directly with Spill Station for everything you require. 

This varies depending on the business, its hazards and the nature of the industry. Often, we recommend an annual service, and a quarterly check of the spill kits. If you want more information of what an audit would look like for you, contact us anytime. We can advise you of the frequency of these audits based on your workplace and its unique needs.