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Forklift Gas Cage – 4 Cylinder x 15 Kilogram

Forklift Gas Cage – 4 Cylinder x 15 Kilogram

Forklift Gas Cage – 2 Cylinder x 15 Kilogram

Forklift Gas Cage – 2 Cylinder x 15 Kilogram

Promote workplace safety with forklift cages

For quality forklift cages in Australia, Spill Station is your go-to source. We help you improve workplace safety and efficiency with durable forklift cages designed for seamless integration into any industrial or commercial environment. We offer both 4-cylinder and 2-cylinder forklift cage models, each meeting the rigorous standards of AS 4332-2004 for the storage and handling of gas cylinders.

When you buy forklift cages from us, you invest in quality products and the safety of your workplace. By organising and securing gas cylinders in a designated, easily accessible location, you can improve the operational efficiency of your workplace.

Prevent accidents, improve workflow and ensure compliance with safety standards — invest in the best forklift cages at Spill Station.

Versatile storage solutions

The 4-cylinder forklift cage is perfect for larger storage needs, accommodating up to four 15-kilogram gas cylinders. It’s an ideal solution for workplaces requiring a significant volume of gas on hand so cylinders stay secure and safe in storage.

For smaller requirements, the 2-cylinder forklift cage offers the same high-quality construction and safety features but in a more compact form factor. This versatility gives businesses of all sizes storage solutions that fit their specific needs.

Durable construction for lasting use

Crafted for durability and resilience, these forklift cages feature robust yellow powder-coated steel construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to the elements.

The design incorporates welded steel mesh walls and doors, facilitating optimal ventilation while maintaining high security for stored gases. Magnetic door catches enhance safety and convenience, securing the doors firmly when closed yet allowing easy access when necessary. Elevated legs provide stability and facilitate easy anchoring to the ground so the forklift cage remains securely in place.

When you shop forklift cages at Spill Station, we deliver them as flat packs for straightforward assembly. This approach minimises shipping costs and environmental impact, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. Each forklift cage for sale comes equipped with essential safety signage to reinforce safe handling practices and compliance with safety regulations.

Shop forklift cages at Spill Station and secure gas storage

At Spill Station, we provide you with a range of forklift cages that are essential investments for any business handling gas cylinders. Offering secure, durable and compliant storage solutions, these high-quality forklift cages support your operational needs while prioritising safety and sustainability. Browse our online selection for quick access to forklift cages, or get in touch for bulk order pricing. Embrace a safer, more organised workspace with Spill Station today!

For more information, explore how Spill Station can support your operational needs through our extensive product range and services.


What is a forklift gas cage?

A forklift gas cage is a storage unit designed to hold gas cylinders securely to prevent unauthorised access and protect the cylinders from external damage. Forklift cages promote safety in environments where gas cylinders are used or stored, such as manufacturing plants, workshops, warehouses and construction sites.

Do your forklift cages meet Australian standards for quality?

Yes, we’ve designed and constructed our forklift cages to meet Australian standards for quality and safety, particularly the stringent AS 4332-2004 standards for the storage and handling of gas cylinders.

What are the rules for forklift cage safety?

To ensure forklift cage safety, securely fasten the cage to the forklift. Only personnel with proper training should have access to them. It’s crucial to adhere to specified weight limits and equip cages with necessary safety features, including guardrails and secure doors, to minimise risk and enhance safety during operations.