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Established in 1983

Spill Kits and Superior Safety Solutions

Spill Station® is the manufacturer and master distributor for a range of brands centred round providing solutions for environment, health and safety (EHS) issues faced by all sectors of Government & Industry.When Bruce Cartwright founded the company in 1983, Spill Station Australia was known as Corrosion Concepts and supplied chemical treatments such as rust prevention and fabric protection to Australian Defence Force (ADF).

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This experience highlighted a need for a uniform spill response system to deal with the inevitable spills that occur when dealing with liquids in the workplace. After extensive field testing with the ADF, Bruce Cartwright launched the world’s first mobile bin spill kit containing PPE, absorbents, containment booms and waste disposal bags. This spill kit format is the template still used by spill control companies around the world.   Read More

Nathan Cartwright is the current managing director and the second generation of this Australian company. When asked how Spill Station has maintained its leading position in a crowded marketplace he said, “There have been constant changes in environment, health and safety legislation and regulation over the last 35 years. This dynamic regulatory environment has seen the range of solutions supplied by
Spill Station Australia expand to meet the demands of industry both in Australia and internationally.”

“Our desire to innovate and provide the most cost effective and complete solutions to our database of over 7000 major customers around the globe ensures they keep on coming back to Spill Station for our tried and proven compliance solutions.”

As the regulatory environment has transformed over the last 35 years, so too has the business environment. Time has shown the links between health, safety and environment to be indivisible. In many companies, this understanding has led to the consolidation of various disciplines into the one role of environment, health and safety.

“The easiest way to understand the link is to take the example of a chemical spill. On ground or near a waterway it is and environmental hazard. If that same substance is splashed onto a walkway or into an operators face it becomes a health and safety issue. Regardless of how you categorise it, rapid response is critical. Our challenge has been to create cost effective solutions to this range of problems.”

Starting with the original focus on environmental issues, the range of products supplied by Spill Station has also evolved to reflect the dangers that chemical spills pose to human health. This expanded offering is typified by the comprehensive range of safety showers and eyewash equipment designed to work in all climates and even where mains water supply is unavailable or overheated. “Because of the quality of design and manufacture of our safety shower and eyewash range, we have won contracts to supply major projects including Macedon, Gorgon, Wheatstone and Gladstone LNG projects. This quality also translates to the rapid growth we have experienced in exports to Asia and the Middle East.” says Cartwright.

In addition to their wide array of chemical storage products and spill response kits for all workplace environments, Spill Station also provide complete spill kit training programmes and equipment maintenance solutions to ensure you are ready to respond to any spill emergency.

As well as branches and distribution hubs around Australia, Spill Station Australia has set up Spill Station Asia and Spill Station Middle East to support our international expansion.

“We are proud of the contribution we have made to protecting Australians and our environment over the last 30 years and we are looking forward to exporting the Australian know-how around the world” says Cartwright.

“Spill Station’s ability to constantly evolve and grow our range of solutions has maintained our position as market leader in this dynamic marketplace and we are looking forward to continuing our contribution in the years to come.”

Product Range


Services Range

  • – Onsite spill compliance audits
  • – Spill kit use training packages
  • – Safety shower/eyewash maintenance
  • – Spill kit maintenance programmes


This suite of services and products is the result of almost 40 years of experience.

Spill Station is an ISO9001:2015 company and is committed to supplying you with the world’s best solutions at a cost effective price. As you will see, our range is assembled from around the world to ensure that you are able to achieve your optimum EHS outcomes.



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Lab & Medical Spill Kits (14)

Industrial Absorbents (43)

Bunding (21)

Drum Handling & Decanting (11)

Drip & Storage Trays (12)

Dangerous Goods Cabinets (25)

Safety Shower/Eyewash (72)

Gas & Aerosol Storage (10)

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Am I legally required to have spill control equipment on my site?

The overarching legal principles that apply are due diligence and duty of care. This means that all reasonable steps must be taken to minimise the foreseeable negative impacts of our activities.

All states and territories in Australia have clear laws, regulations, standards and codes of practice that set out the environmental and safety obligations for businesses of all types.

Failure to clean up spill can result in being charged with an offence, fines being issued and possible imprisonment.

To ensure that you are able to address any spills that do occur, you are required to have appropriate equipment to respond safety to a spill incident. The most common spill response item is a spill kit.

Do I need a spill kit?

Section 360 of the Work Health and Safety regulations state that, A person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace that uses, handles, generates or stores hazardous chemicals must ensure that equipment is always available at the workplace for use in an emergency.”

If a spill incident occurs and you you not have the correct equipment readily available to minimise harm caused by the spill you can be fined fro $6,000 to $30,000. Standard onsite spill kits cost between $300 and $500.

Are chemical spills a safety issue or environment issue?

Chemical spills in the workplace are both a workplace safety issue and an environment protection issue. As such a spill incident can cause fines to be issued by both EPA and SafeWork.

An oil spill in a walkway is a slip hazard that can cause serious damage. That same spill next to a stormwater drain is and environmental danger. Failure to take reasonable steps to contain and clean up this workplace danger a range of fines to be issued from various regulators.

Regardless of the jurisdiction, the spill can be easily and safety cleaned up with a spill response kit.

What fines apply if I have a spill?

A spill can financially effect everybody involved in a variety of ways as a spill in Queensland showed.

In the course of loading an insecticide called endosulfan onto a truck at a Queensland transport company, a forklift driver pierced a drum causing 20 litres of the chemical to spill onto the ground. A site employee hosed the chemical down a drain that led to a local watercourse resulting in a serious fish kill.

The two employees involved and the company were successfully prosecuted.

The forklift driver was fined $2,800, plus $6,000 in investigation costs.

The site employee was fined $11,000, plus $10,000 investigation costs.

The company was fined $25,000, plus $6,000 in investigation costs.

In addition to these costs, a statutory notice to the transport company was issued that required them to spend more than $125,000 to remove contaminated sediment and remediate to contaminated waterway.

That is over $180,000.

These amounts do not include court costs or legal costs incurred by the defendants.

A $100 spill kit and 20 minutes training could have easily avoided the financial consequences.

Do I need to service my spill kit?

Spill kits can easily become empty if there is no documented and scheduled inspection regime. Section 362 of the Work Health and Safety regulations state, A person conducting a business or undertaking at the workplace must ensure that the safety equipment is provided, maintained and readily accessible to persons at the workplace.”

Failure to have the correct equipment in place can result in fines of up to $30,000 being applied. Spill Station has a complete spill kit maintenance and restock service to ensure you are meeting your obligations and exercising due diligence.

How can a spill effect my company’s reputation?

Today we understand the importance of maintaining a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace. When an organisation is engaging in activity that poses a risk to or causes actual damage to people or the environment there can be significant community and media blowback. Conversely when a company is able to show that it conducts itself in a safe and responsible manner it can serve to enhance the corporate reputation of the organisation.

By having the correct spill clean up equipment available, you can help your team to effectively respond to and minimise the negative outcomes of a spill on your company’s reputation.

Is spill response training a legal requirement?

Section 363 (2) of the Work Health and Safety regulations states that, “The person must ensure that sufficient information, training and instruction is given to a person who operates, tests, maintains or

decommissions a system used at a workplace for the use, handling or storage of hazardous chemicals for the activity to be carried out safely.” Failure to ensure that staff have had training in how to use spill response equipment may result in a fine of up to $30,000.

What are the internal drivers for spill control equipment on my site?

In addition to the mandatory laws and regulations we are subject to, many companies choose to imbed the need for spill control equipment through internal policies as well as ISO14001 and ISO45001. These management systems create a structure and process for monitoring and improving safety and environmental performance.

Spill kits, spill pallets, safety showers and spill response training are just a few measures that can be implemented on site to improve safety and environment outcomes.

Do my spill kits have to be packed in a bright lime green bin?

According to AS4123.7, yellow bins are designated for clinical waste including urine and blood soaked dressings. It also states that red bins are for radioactive waste and blue bins are for office paper recycling. To avoid the obvious problems and direct conflict caused by coloured bins, a lime green bin is an excellent alternative to a yellow bin as a lime green bin body is not in conflict Australian Standards and will help to reduce confusion.

How is spill response and control a moral issue?

We are all custodians of the land we live and work on and we will one day pass on to our children. We have a responsibility and duty to the generations to come to leave our part of the world in better condition than we found it.

By dealing with spills as they occur and preventing them from impacting the environment in an uncontrolled way we can make a real difference one spill at a time.