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Scheduled Spill Kit Refill & Maintenance

Scheduled Spill Kit Refill & Maintenance

Spills tend to happen, even if you have a proactive plan in place for managing and moving liquids throughout your workplace. Spills in the workplace can have serious consequences for your company's health and legal status as well as pollute the environment. Therefore, you must not only have appropriate emergency spill kits all over your site but also actively inspect and maintain them to the required standard to effectively respond to spills. This is important, especially if you’re managing Hazchem spills.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Chemical spill kits are the first line of defence for any spill, and if the spill kit is well maintained, you can be sure your first line of defence is intact.
  • A well-maintained spill kit gives your staff the assurance that they have what they need to respond to an emergency spill effectively. To do this, the spill kit should be well-stocked and well-signed.
  • If spills get into waterways, they can pollute the surrounding area and cause irreversible damage to the environment. Reduce any potential negative effects on the environment by stocking your spill kits with the appropriate equipment for removing spills, and then disposing of them properly.
  • Using a well-managed spill kit to contain a spill when it first occurs is essential because cleaning up spill damage takes time and money.
  • Out-of-control spills can lead to negative publicity, harm to employees' health, and legal responsibility for any environmental damage. Keeping your emergency spill kits up to a high and usable standard will help you always be in compliance with the law.


There are clear laws and standards for all Australian states and territories regarding safety and environmental responsibilities for businesses of all kinds. As a result, you must have all of the necessary equipment to effectively and safely respond to spills. If you don't clean up a spill, you could be charged with a crime, fined, or even end up in jail.

Your spill kit should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that all necessary items are present, in good working order, and past their expiration dates. To guarantee that your spill units are as protected, compelling and exceptional as could be expected, Spill Station can visit your work environment and restock your spill packs as required.

Before implementing any spill kits, you need to do an on-site risk assessment. This will tell you how many spill kits you need and where they should be placed. This is a daunting task to undertake on your own, so contact us anytime if you want to utilise our expert knowledge on workplace audits. 

When you work with Spill Station, we offer an initial spill response audit to make sure the spill kit is well prepared for possible spills. Then we make sure the spill kits are marked and numbered on a site map for the chemical manifest. We offer written reports of each audit, and a tag to prove which spill kits were audited, to keep you as compliant as possible. 

These services ensure that your workplace is meeting compliance needs for all workplaces in Australia that carry hazardous materials. For example, your chemical spill kit must have a certain amount of contents, and if it doesn’t you can be fined. We help avoid these issues, and save you money in the long term. 

We additionally help you be aware of gaps in your spill response, and missing aspects of spill kits that may lead to dangerous ramifications in the future. Overall, the audit is designed to be an unbiased look at your workplace safety, and will help you have peace of mind.

When we come by for our audit of your workplace, there are some things that we require. This includes a site map with spill kit locations clearly marked on it. Site access needs such as an induction if needed, access to any site restrictions and relevant PPE to keep our experts safe. As well as a completed spill kit service agreement form. 

When you sign onto Spill Stations scheduled audits, the term of agreement for our contract is either for the term of one full year or three years. This will include a spill kit maintenance audit that can be done monthly or at quarterly intervals, and this time frame will be based on our analysis of risk and spill kit analysis. 

When you have any dangerous goods at your workplace, the staff who may be handling, using or storing these chemicals must be trained to reduce risk to people, facilities and the Aussie environment. So these staff need to be correctly trained and go through a training program to be aware of how to use a spill kit as well as how to restock the spill kit. These staff must also be aware of where the spill kits are located for easy access. 

At Spill Station we offer an Accredited Spill Kit Training Course that covers the theoretical and practical aspects of spill responses. This means workers can respond to and control workplace spills, and will be aware of who to alert if the spill gets out of control, and how to fill incident response forms too. If you would like this service, please get in contact with us, as this training can be done in tandem with our scheduled maintenance audits. 

Contact us at Spill Station, and we can advise, or answer any questions you may have about remaining compliant at your workplace. We offer risk assessments, help with audits and even ways to remain well-stocked when it comes to safety equipment.