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The Temperature Controlled (TC) Emergency Safety Shower is intended for outdoor use where the water requires heating.

It has a 300 litre tank and 3kW heater and regardless of the ambient temperature will deliver tepid water for the ANSI recommended minimum period of 15 minutes.

Water from the heated tank is mixed with the mains fed cold supply through a high flow rate thermostatically controlled valve to maintain a temperature of between 25 -35°C.

In addition to delivering water at the required temperature through its own shower head, the TC unit can also supply heated water to other Emergency Showers via a second outlet from the tank. This means that several showers within an area can meet the temperature and duration criteria stipulated in the ANSI standard.

The standard unit consists of a heated tank, overhead shower and side mounted Eyebath/Facewash with protective lid. If preferred, it can be supplied without the Eyebath/Facewash.

Alternatively, the unit can be supplied without the shower or Eyebath/Facewash and simply used to supply heated water to other shower and Eyebath/Facewash units.