Spill Station Goes Lime Green

Compliant Oil Fuel Spill Kit

Australian Standard AS4123.7 designates a yellow bin and lid for use as a clinical waste container. Spill kit users are having to ask the question, “Is that a clinical waste bin or a spill kit?”

By June 1 2021, Spill Station will transition all of our spill kits to the unique lime green bins. Unlike yellow bins, the lime green colour is not in conflict with any Australian Standards.

This same Australian Standard designates red bins for radioactive waste and blue bins for office paper.

We believe that the AusSpill Quality Guidelines provide a significant improvement for all spill kit users and our community as a whole. As well as recommending the bright lime green colour body, it designates white, yellow and grey lids for oil kits, chemical kits and general kits. The guidelines also suggest kit describers with text a minimum of 50mm high on a contrasting background to ensure fast recognition and rapid spill response.

All of the spill kit bags will also be in lime green by June 1 to ensure a consistant appearance to all kits across the range.

These guidelines are not a legal requirement but we believe that having spill kits in a uniform unique colour we are providing a net benefit to the health and safety of Australians and our environment.

Contact Spill Station today to find out how we can help you to transition to AusSpill Quality Compliant spill kits on your site.