Compliant Hazchem Spill Kit – 240 Litre

Compliant Hazchem Spill Kit – 240 Litre

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Clean up chemical spills of up to 240L with this Compliant Hazchem Spill Kit.

This kit meets the ASCIS2695 standard for spill response kits.

All sorbents in this spill kit have been independently tested to BS7959 to ensure you can meet your legal requirements.


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Compliant Hazchem Spill Kit – 240 Litre Contents


Independently tested to absorb up to 240 Litres

Qty Description
300 Hazchem Absorbent Pad – 480 x 430mm
3 Hazchem Absorbent Boom – 1.2m x 75mm
2 Hazchem Absorbent Boom – 3m x 75mm
3 Hazchem Absorbent Sweep – 22L Bag
10 Contaminated Waste Bags & Ties
2 pair Nitrile Gloves
1 Tamper Evident Spill Kit Audit Tag
1 Clear PVC Spill Kit Cover
1 Laminated Instruction Sheet
1 Lime Green Bin With Yellow Lid – 240L

The Australian Industry Standard for spill response kits (ASCIS2695) was ratified at the Spill Control Industry Association (AusSpill) 2018 annual general meeting.

Spill Station CEO and AusSpill Deputy Chair Nathan Cartwright said that the creation of the standard has been an involved process but necessary to achieve improved health, safety and environment outcomes for all Australians.

“The aim of ASCIS2695 is to ensure that spill response kits are easy to identify and that users can rely on the performance claims made by suppliers.”

“Before the development of this standard, there was no accepted convention for the appearance of a spill response kit. This issue lead to the first problem faced by spill kit users. In many cases the spill responders first had to establish if it was a bin or a spill kit”, Nathan Cartwright said.

The Industry Standard designates the use of a unique lime green spill kit body to clearly identify it as a spill kit. White, grey and yellow lids are used to differentiate respectively between oil/fuel, general purpose and hazchem spill kits.

To further assist in the rapid identification of spill kits, the Industry Standard establishes mandatory labelling protocols covering elements including positioning and font size.

The second critical problem faced by spill kit consumers was the wide variation in claims made by manufacturers regarding the absorbent capacity of spill kits.

Australian Standards, regulations and codes of practice make reference to the requirement that workplace spill response equipment must be able to accommodate a spill from the largest container stored on the site. The lack of standardised methods for testing absorbent capacity leaves the consumer vulnerable to being under prepared and exposed to possible prosecution.

As the peak spill control industry body, AusSpill have adopted the British Standard test method to determine sorbent capacity of all spill kit components. To be recognised as compliant all sorbent spill kit components must be submitted to independent third party laboratory testing and the results must be made available if verification is required.

“All organisations can feel confident in knowing that any spill response kit that carries the AusSpill ASCIS2695 Mark of Compliance has been manufactured and tested to a verifiable standard and will perform as claimed. If you invest in a spill kit without the AusSpill Mark of Compliance you may find out that you have ended up with a prefilled garbage bin”, Nathan Cartwright said.