Compliant 20L General Purpose Spill Kit

Compliant 20L General Purpose Spill Kit

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The compact size of this spill kit makes it ideal for use in utes, cars and other small vehicles including forklifts.

It contains pads, loose absorbent, containment boom to prevent the spread of the spill and quickly convert the liquid hazard into an easily managed solid.

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Compliant 20L General Purpose Spill Kit Contents

Qty Description
5 General Purpose Absorbent Pad – 480 x 430mm
1 General Purpose Absorbent Boom – 1.2m x 75mm
1 General Purpose Absorbent Sweep – 15L Bag
2 Contaminated Waste Bags & Ties
1 Oil Resistant Gloves
1 Laminated Instruction Sheet
1 Labelled Zip Top Spill Kit Bag


General Purpose Spill Kit Compatability Guide


AusSpill  Spill Kit Quality Guidelines November 2018. We believe these guidelines are the precursor to the Australian Standard. Support for the development of the Australian Standard for Spill Response Kits has been provided by safety and Environment Regulators across Australia as well as stakeholder industry associations.