120 Litre Hazchem Spill Kit – AusSpill Quality Compliant

120 Litre Hazchem Spill Kit – AusSpill Quality Compliant

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This 120 Litre Hazchem Spill Kit meets the AusSpill product quality guidelines and is tested to BS5979 to ensure genuine absorbent capacity.

Suitable to use with most acids, caustics, fuels, oils, solvents and agricultural chemicals.

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120 Litre Hazchem Spill Kit Contents

Absorbent capacity: 120 Litres

Qty Description
100 Hazchem Absorbent Pad – 480 x 430mm
3 Hazchem Absorbent Boom – 1.2m x 75mm
1 Hazchem Absorbent Boom – 3m x 75mm
2 Hazchem Absorbent Sweep – 22L Bag
2 Hazchem Absorbent Pillow – 450 x 450mm
5 Contaminated Waste Bags & Ties
1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
1 Tamper Evident Spill Kit Audit Tag
1 Clear PVC Spill Kit Cover
1 Laminated Instruction Sheet
1 Lime Green Bin With Yellow Lid – 140L


Hazchem Absorbent Chemical Compatibility Guide   [dil=dilute]
Liquid  % Liquid  % Liquid  % Liquid  %
Acetic Acid 97 Carbonic Acid dil Magnesium Hydroxide dil Sodium Bisulphate dil
Acetic Acid 50 Castor Oil 100 Magnesium Nitrate dil Sodium Bisulphite dil
Acetic Acid 40 Catyl Alcohol 100 Magnesium Sulphate dil Sodium Borate dil
Acetic Acid 10 Chromic Acid 50% Magnesium Sulphite dil Sodium Bromide Oil dil
Acetone 100 Cider Meat Juices Sodium Carbonate dil
Acetophenone 100 Citric Acid dil Mercuric Cyanide dil Sodium Chlorate dil
Aluminium Chloride dil Copper Chloride Mercurous Nitrate dil Sodium Chloride dil
Aluminium Fluoride dil Copper Cyanide dil Methyl Ethyl Ketone 100 Sodium Chlorite dil
Aluminium Sulphate dil Copper Nitrate dil Methyl Alchohol 100 Sodium Cyanide dil
Ammonia 30 Copper Fluoride dil Milk Sodium Dichromate dil
Ammonium Carbonate dil Copper Sulphate dil Mineral Oil 100 Sodium Ferricyanide dil
Ammonium Chloride dil Cotton Seed Oil dil Motor Oil 100 Sodium Ferrocyanide dil
Ammonium Hydroxide dil Cuprous Chloride Nickel Chloride dil Sodium Fluoride dil
Ammonium Metaphosphate dil Cyclohexanol dil Nickel Nitrate dil Sodium Hypochlorite dil
Ammonium Nitrate dil Cyclohexanone 100 Nickel Sulphate dil Sodium Nitrate dil
Ammonium Persulphate dil Detergents 100 Nitric Acid 60 Sodium Nitrite dil
Ammonium Sulphate dil Dibutyl Phthalate Nitric Acid 10 Sodium Silicate dil
Ammonium Sulphide dil Diethylene Glycol 100 Nitrobenzene 100 Sodium Sulphate dil
Ammonium Thiocyanate dil Emulsifiers 100 Oleic Acid Sodium Sulphide dil
Amy Alcohol 100 Ethyl Acetate Olive Oil 100 Sodium Sulphite dil
Aniline 100 Ethyl Alcohol 100 Paraffin 100 Stannous Chloride dil
Antimony Chloride dil Ethyl Benzene 96 Petrol 100 Sulphuric Acid 60
Aviation Fuel 100 Ethyl Ether 100 Phenol 100 Sulphuric Acid 50
Aviation Turbine Fuel 100 Ethylene Dichloride 100 Phosphoric Acid 95 Tannic Acid dil
Barium Carbonate dil Feric Chloride 100 Potassium Bicarbonate dil Tartaric Acid dil
Barium Chloride dil Feric Nitrate dil Potassium Bromate dil Tetrachloroethylene 100
Barium Hydroxide dil Feric Sulphate dil Potassium Bromide dil Transformer Oil 100
Barium Sulphate dil Fluosilicic Acid dil Potassium Carbonate dil Trichloracetic Acid 100
Beer Formaldehyde dil Potassium Chlorate dil Trichloroethane 100
Benzene 100 Formic Acid 40 Potassium Chloride dil Triethanolamine 100
Benzoic Acid Fruit juice 100 Potassium Chromate dil Urea
Benzyl Alcohol Gasoline Potassium Cyanide dil Urine
Bismuth Carbonate dil Gear Box Oil 100 Potassium Dichromate dil Vinegar
Boric Acid dil Glucose 100 Potassium Hydroxide dil Water
Brine dil Hydrobromic Acid 20 Potassium Hydroxide dil Whisky
Butly Alcohol 100 Hydrochoric Acid dil Potassium Nitrate dil White Paraffin
Calcium Carbonate dil Hydrochoric Acid 20 Potassium Perchloride dil White Spirit 100
Calcium Chlorate dil Hydrofuoric Acid 10 Potassium Permanganate dil Wines
Calcium Chloride dil Hydrogen Peroxide 30 Potassium Sulphate dil Xylene 100
Calcium Hydroxide dil Inks 30 Potassium Sulphide dil Zinc Chloride dil
Calcium Hyperchlorite dil Isopropyl Alcohol 100 Potassium Sulphite dil Zinc Oxide dil
Calcium Nitrate dil Lead Acetate dil Propyl Alcohol 100 Zinc Sulphate dil
Calcium Phospate dil Linseed Oils 100 Silicone Oil 100
Calcium Sulphate dil Lubricating Oil 100 Soap Solution
Calcium Sulphite dil Magnesium Carbonate dil Sodium Actetate dil
Carbon Disulphide dil Magnesium Chloride dil Sodium Bicarbonate dil
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