Site Chemical Location Map

Site Chemical Location Map

As part of your obligations under Work, Health and Safety Regulations sites carrying manifest quantities of hazardous substances are required to have a Chemical Location Plan. This information allows emergency services to understand the location of the chemical risks on the site and respond in an appropriate manner.

Spill Station are able to attend your site and document the location of the substances on site and provide you with a clear and concise map to include in your manifest and meet your legal obligations.

Chemical site location map data sheet

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What Will You Receive

A qualified and experienced Spill Station consultant will visit your site to obtain the required information. Survey the site area to be drafted, then proceed back to office to begin drafting the plan. Then you will receive an electronic copy of the chemical site plan as agreed for your use and publication. Spill Station will provide an editable chemical site plan, that way the site can be responsible for the updates and reviews as required.

What information will Spill Station require?

The development of site plans is always been dependent on the quality of the information supplied by the Site, therefore the information below can greatly assist the process therefore keeping the Site Plan development on time and on budget.

  •  Any existing site plans available (either electronic CAD or scaled drawing). As sites often have a complicated multi-layered CAD drawing or none at all, Spill Station consultants are very familiar with working with clients to produce a range of Site Maps that can be used from that point on.
  • An on-site guide to walk around the Site to assist with directions and chemical storage information.
  • An up to date Chemical Manifest to accurately mark the site plan.


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7 Manifest—plan of workplace

The manifest of hazardous chemicals at a workplace must include a scale plan of the workplace that:
(a) shows the location of:
(i) containers and other storage of hazardous chemicals in bulk, and
(ii) storage areas for packaged hazardous chemicals and IBCs, and
(iii) each area where hazardous chemicals are manufactured, and

(b) includes a description in words of the location of:
(i) the things referred to in paragraph (a), and
(ii) hazardous chemicals in transit, and

(c) provides the identification number or code, and a legend for the identification numbers and codes, for the  things referred to in paragraph (a), and

(d) shows the location of:
(i) the main entrance and other places of entry to and exit from the workplace, and
(ii) essential site services, including fire services and isolation points for fuel and power, and
(iii) all drains on the site, and
(iv) the manifest, and

(e) includes the direction of true north, and

(f) describes the nature of the occupancy of adjoining sites or premises.