270 Litre Low-Rise General Purpose Spill Kit

TSS240LR 270 Litre Low-Rise General Purpose Spill Kit

TSS240LR is a 270 litre general purpose spill kit is packaged in a lo-rise storage container to allow easier access to the spill response equipment. The container is forkliftable and is also available with wheels. Locks can be fitted if required.

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Additional information

Abosrbing Capacity

270 ltr


food preparation
hospitals or clinics
agricultural chemicals
general workshop chemicals


constructed from high-visibility polyethylene
colour coded for quick identification
designed for easier access to the contents
can be used with oils, fuels, solvents, agricultural chemicals,
coolant and general workshop chemicals
safety yellow
clear labelling on container
booms help to prevent liquids from spreading into adjoining areas
adhesive wall locator
instruction sheet
tamper evident seals can be fitted at no extra cost
can be moved with forklift, or have wheels fitted, with or without locks
refill kits available


50 hazchem absorbent pads 430 x 480 mm
4 general purpose booms 1.2 m x 75 mm
2 general purpose booms 3 m x 75 mm
3 absorbent floor sweep 50 ltr bags
10 contaminated waste bags and ties
2 pair oil resistant gloves
1 laminated instruction sheet
1 weather resistant kit cap
1 adhesive wall locator
1 low-rise polyethylene storage bin 220 ltr

For use on land in a wide range of industrial environments including: agri-business, bulk liquid transfer, factory, warehouse, workshop, re-fueling area, loading dock, Class 3 Storage, Class 6 Storage.

Recommended refill is TSS240GPR 270 litre general purpose absorbents.

A full training package is available at no additional cost. It consists of a demonstration DVD, PowerPoint presentation and multiple choice questionnaire.


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