4-Way 2-Drum Spill Pallet

TSSBP2FW 4-Way 2-Drum Spill Pallet

TSSBP2FW is a fully compliant spill pallet has 4 way forklift truck access to make positioning and moving as easy as possible. This model is designed to hold 2 x 205 liter drums and comes complete with a removable plastic grid for easy cleaning. Backed by our 3 year guarantee.

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Additional information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 1220 × 820 × 450 mm

Designed for safe and compliant storage of 2 x 205 litre drums.
Made from 100% corrosion free polyethylene.
Four-way forklift access for loaded spill pallets.
EPA compliant sumps in all spill pallets.
Broadband chemical resistance including acids and caustics.

Sump Capacity

230 ltr

Max Load

1200 kg


DIBt Z-40.22-398


Chemical storage facilities.
Pesticide storage facilities.
Petroleum storage facilities.
Electrical transformers containing oil and/or PCBs.
Facilities used to transfer stored liquids (such as transport facilities).
Drum storage areas, either temporary or permanent.
Processing or assembly (downstream) manufacturing areas.
Any other facilities that store substances other than water or uncontaminated stormwater. For example, milk (because of its high biological oxygen demand and solubility) can cause more environmental damage than oil (which floats on water and is removed relatively easily), so bunding might be required.
Any other locations where spills are common, including transfer points, workshops, factories, service stations, buildings or pieces of machinery, wash bays, and other areas in which a material is transferred from its container.

Manufactured from medium density polyethylene this spill pallet has 4-way fork lift access, broad range chemical compatibility, a removable plastic mesh deck and complies with all the Australian regulations relating to sump capacities.


  • 100% polyethylene for chemical compatibility.
  • Removable plastic grid for easy clean-up
  • Forklift pockets to aid transportation


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