Non-Chemical Water Treatment Cartridge 350 Litre

Non-Chemical Water Treatment Cartridge 350 Litre

HydroClenz is the safe and effective way to inhibit the growth of Legionella and other harmful bacteria in your safety shower or tank fed eye/face wash systems.

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The cartridges use IONamixTM media technology to provide constant protection against infestations of pathogenic bacteria in water systems. They also prevent the build-up of scale, bio-film and rust, conditions that can affect water flow, valve operation and the growth of harmful bacteria. Already used by manufacturers of safety showers, the HydroClenz cartridges can protect stored water systems that comply with the minimum temperature requirements of ANSI Z 358.1 and EN 15154.

Click link to download a copy of SafeWater Ltd HydroClenz Material Safety Data Sheet.


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