Products - Dual Bottle Saline Eyewash Station

Dual Bottle Saline Eyewash Station

These saline eyewash bottles are an ideal first aid response to chemicals or particles in the eye.

2 x 944ml eyewash bottle

2 x wall mount

2 x diffusing eyecup

1 x eyewash sign

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If your eyes become contaminated with particles or chemicals, your first response can be the difference between being able to see or permanent eye damage. That is when you need this saline eyewash station.

Salinaax Saline Eyewash from Spill Station is a sterile buffered isotonic solution specifically formulated to enhance eye comfort by irrigating, flushing and cleaning without interfering with the eye’s natural function.

Salinaax Saline Eyewash is formulated to provide optimum first response eye and wound irrigation.

The functional wall station ensures your eye­ wash is always nearby,accessible and easily seen.

The exclusive eyewash diffuser cup fits com­fortably on the eye and ensures an even flow of flushing solution.

Simply twist the lid and start treatment.


– State of the art Blow-Fill-Seal equipment ensures safety of product.

– In house QA & QC laboratories.

– Full 4 year shelf life on Eye Wash range.(from man­ufacturing date) Stability Study Data available.

– Certificate of Analysis is Issued with each shipment, batch specific