Table Mounted Double Cup Optiflex

H-OPTI600 Table Mounted Double Cup Optiflex

Hughes Safety H-OPTI600 is a table-mounted eye, face and body shower with 45 degree angled double nozzle. Developed to suit hazardous environments, this optional shower is suitable for environments where there is a risk of small spillages of chemicals or dangerous substances.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 145 × 127 × 325 mm

Location: Indoor
Area Classification: Hazardous
Type: Plumbed in
Installation: Table Mounted
1.5m of reinforced hose, particularly useful for treating disabled personnel.
Lock-on actuating button for ease of use, meeting European and Australian standards.
Fitted with dust covers, a non-return valve and a flow regulator.

Materials of Construction

Shower Spray Outlet Powder: Powder coated brass
Rubber Safety Eye Cups: Ethylene propylene (EPDM)
Plastic Dust Covers: Acetal/Polycarbonate
Plastic Body: Polyarylamide (reinforced with glassfibres)
Standard Finish: Green and white

Water Inlet

1/2” Female BSP (hose connection)

Design Operating Pressure

1.5 to 6 BAR G (22 to 87 PSI)
(higher supply pressures accommodated with the incorporation of the optional pressure reducing valve)

Test Pressure

10.3 BAR G (149 PSI)

Minimum Flow Rates

12 litres/minute minimum

Minimum Ambient Operating Temperature

5º C (41º F)

Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature

35º C (95º F)


Eye/face Wash: Push plate operated (Treadle foot control for hands free – optional)

Optiflex 600 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions
The Optiflex 600 unit should be initially operated and checked for correct performance after installation and should be checked regularly on a weekly basis. Poor performance should be logged and immediately reported to the management and rectified as soon as possible. If advice is required Spill Station® Australia should be contacted immediately.

Installation Details
The Optiflex 600 is a hand held eye, face and body shower incorporating a braided hose (1.5m long), built-in flow regulator, non-return valve and a wall mounting bracket. To install the unit, connect one end of the braided hose to the shower unit and the other end to the water supply pipe. The water inlet size is ½ inch BSP female.

Operating Instructions
The Optiflex 600 is essentially for use in flushing minor chemical splashes from the eyes, face, hands and other parts of the body.

The spray nozzle is fitted with a rubber cup to protect the user from further accidental injury.
The Optiflex 600 is trigger operated. Remove the unit from the dust cover / mounting bracket and press the red lever to actuate flow. The flow is locked on by means of the sliding red button.

It is recommended that the Optiflex 600 is flushed out at regular intervals to remove any foreign bodies that may have collected in the system. After this operation the shower head should be cleaned.

To clean the shower head, unscrew the spray nozzle from the hand unit, and clean thoroughly (taking care not to lose the internal rubber washer).

Optional Extras
Sign - A Pictogram 'Eye Wash' sign to BS EN ISO 7010 suitable for wall mounting can be supplied.

Spring Coiled Hose - A 2.5 metre length of spring coiled hose may be fitted to the unit in place of the braided hose, if requested.


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