Scald Protection Valve

H-AHATSP Scald Protection Valve

H-AHATSP scald protection valves protect against scalding caused by solar radiation or overheating of water in the supply pipe. When installed with safety showers/eye washes the valve will be heated just the same as the piping system. The valve will open to establish flow until the over-temperature water is eliminated and will then modulate closed. The scald protection valve has a unique plug and seat design to ensure the most reliable tight shut-off.

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The scald protection valve continually senses water temperature, automatically opens when the water reaches 35°c and bleeds overheated water from safety shower and eyewash supply lines.
The valve closes when the water reaches 29.4°c. Scald protection is provided with minimal water consumption.
The unique plug and seat design offers the most reliable, tight shutoff available.
Stainless steelbody, fittings, spring and plug.
Long service life & 3 year warranty.
Narrow temperature band.
Compact, low mass – Fast response
Ram-type plug for reliable tight shutoff.
Downstream actuator for greater sensitivity.
Sensitive to temperature only.
Unaffected by pressure variations.
Easy installation with pipe wrench.


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