Spill Risk Assessment

Spill Risk Assessment

Chapter 7 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation clearly states the obligations of all parties involved in the handling of dangerous goods. In order to meet these legal obligations, all parties must understand  the risks posed by substances stored and used on the site.

The Spill Station Chemical Risk Assessment gathers and compiles site data from various sources and provides a concise and comprehensive document to assist you in formulating real and achievable risk control methods.

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Our Team

All Spill Risk Assessors engaged by Spill Station have a practical approach to the obstacles faced by out clients and develop achievable control methods to address identified non-compliances. Our team is comprised of excellent communicators who can relate to all staff and address questions to your team in a diplomatic and constructive manner.

Chemical Risk Assessment Process

  1. Initial Consultation

Prior to the actual assessment, a Spill Station consultant will meet with you to ensure that the scope of works meets the requirements of the site and that your required outcomes are measurable and deliverable.

Information Required at Initial Consultation

  • All SDS are available.
  • Location of site.
  • Access requirements (Inductions, site restrictions, PPE)
  • Scope of Chemical Risk Assessment (All dangerous goods only / high risk hazardous substances / all substances)
  • Clearance to use photographic equipment on site solely for reporting process only. This is not mandatory but is a very useful reporting tool.


  1. Risk Assessment

Our consultant is guided around your site to assess your storage and handling environment

Brief discussions are held with staff during the site inspection

Detailed observations are recorded into our data collection templates.

  1. Outcome

Our risk assessor collates all of the data gathered from various sources and compiles the findings and recommendations into a comprehensive and easy to read  risk assessment for your WHS compliance.




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