Chemical Manifest Register Review

Chemical Manifest Register Review

Because it a critical aspect of safely conducting a business, Division 3 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation is dedicated to Register and Manifest of Hazardous Chemicals. Section 346 states:

346   Hazardous chemicals register

(1)  A person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure that:

(a)  a register of hazardous chemicals used, handled or stored at the workplace is prepared and kept at the workplace, and

(b)  the register is maintained to ensure the information in the register is up to date.

Maximum penalty:

(a)  in the case of an individual—$6,000, or

(b)  in the case of a body corporate—$30,000.

Spill Station can conduct a thorough review of your existing manifest to ensure compliance and avoid penalty.

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Chemical Manifest Register Review

What we require to get started
The development of a concise and correct chemical manifest is always been dependent on the quality of the information supplied by the site, therefore the information below can greatly assist the process of keeping the chemical manifest development on time and on budget.

  • Any existing manifest that is available (in any format is acceptable) emailed to Spill Station initially to assess the size of the review.
  • All SDS are available.
  • Location of site.
  • Access requirements (Inductions, site restrictions, PPE)
  • An on-site guide to walk around the site to assist with directions and chemical storage information
  • Pre-approved access into all the sites chemical storage facilities
  • Prior to site visit the storage quantities of any large storage tanks (i.e. 15,000L, 345 Kg)

What you will receive

A qualified and experienced consultant will attend your site in order to obtain all of the required information. Our consultant will also inspect your site to match the current manifest with the observations on site and identify any gaps in the current document.  The process of compiling and collating all of the data happens back at HQ.

You are then provided with an editable electronic copy of the updated manifest for your use and publication. When provided in this format you are able to update and review your manifest as required.

With the mainfest, Spill Station will also provide you with a list of chemical management recommendations as observed whilst on site. This is not a full Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substance Audit but an extra service Spill Station provides to our valued clients.


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