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Your Safety Shower May Be Compliant, But Is Your Water?

The Australian Standard for Safety Shower & Eyewash Equipment AS4775:2007 requires water from shower and eyewash units to be between 15.6°C and 37.8°C. In section 6.6 it also says that in order for a safety shower to be compliant, the temperature of the water must be protected from extremes of temperature.

When standard safety showers are in the sun, the radiant heat causes the water temperature to increase above compliance limits.

As well as rendering your safety shower non-compliant it can also have an even more serious outcome by accelerating damage caused by chemical splash on eyes and skin.

The easy solution to this problem is the self draining safety shower and eyewash unit from Spill Station®. After use, all water in the shower pipes drains away via the bleed pipe at the base of the unit and prevents damage caused by that first flush of over heated water.

Made from stainless steel piping and the famous Hughes Safety Shower high-impact valve, these units are available with stainless steel or new generation eyewash units.

Contact Spill Station® Australia today to find out how we can help to protect employees and ensure compliant safety shower and eyewash equipment.

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