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OHS Regulations: Spill Control Obligations

Toxic Chemical Drums

Toxic Chemical Drums

Section 174Y of the Occupation Health & Safety Regulation 2001 states that the occupier of a site must have equipment on hand, “to contain safely within the premises the dangerous goods that have been spilled or leaked.”

The regulation goes on to state:

(a) immediate action is taken to reduce any risk associated with the spill or leak so far as is reasonably practicable, and

(b) the dangerous goods and any resulting effluent are, as soon as reasonably possible, cleaned up and disposed of or otherwise made safe.

Failure to meet your obligations stated in this section of the regulation can result in a Level 4 penalty of up to $27,500.00

Spill Station® Australia have a wide range of products to ensure comply with your legal requirements including Spill Kits for all environments, Portable Bunds and Spill Containment Pallets.

Complete Spill Kit Training Packages are also available at no additional cost with your spill kit purchase.

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