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Exploration Code Of Compliance

Portable Bunding & Spill Kit

Portable Bunding & Spill Kit

The Department of Environment and Resource Management recently released the “Code of Environmental Compliance: Exploration & Mineral Development Projects

Condition 9 of the code states:

“The holder of the environmental authority must ensure that spills of hazardous contaminants are cleaned up as quickly as practicable. Such spillage must not be cleaned up by hosing, sweeping or otherwise releasing such contaminants to any watercourse, waterway, groundwater, wetland or lake.”

The most effective way of managing these compliance issues is two-fold:

  • Ensure appropriate storage of potential contaminants and equipment such as generators and drill rigs.
  • Ensure sufficient spill response equipment is on hand to address any spill that may occur.

Complete spill kit training packages are available free of charge with your spill kit purchase.

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