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Battery Storage & Recharge Area Requirements

Eyewash Units

Eyewash Units

In the “Guide to Standards – Dangerous Goods” published by SAI Global it states:

“Batteries are classified as corrosive substances. Organizations and personnel storing industrial and commercial quantities of corrosive substances should follow the procedures described in AS 3780-2008, The storage and handling of corrosive substances.”

“Eyewash facilities used in areas where corrosive substances are being used should conform to the requirements defined in AS 4775-2007, Emergency eyewash and shower equipment.”

Spill Station® Australia has a range of eyewash units and safety showers suitable for all environments.

The range includes self-contained eyewash units that do not need to be attached to mains water supply.

Fully self-contained temperature controlled safety showers and eyewashes are also available.

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