Spill Kit Accessories

Enhance Your Spill Kits With Spill Kit Accessories

Spill kits absorb and clean all types of liquid spills. Spill kit contents include spill absorbents that control oils, fuel, chemicals or general everyday spills. Spill kits are designed to meet Australian Standards AS1940-2017. Enhance your spill kits with spill trailers, bin covers, labels, sleeves, waste bags and signs. Supplement an existing spill kit or as stand alone items.

Select from a custom range of spill kit accessories. PPE & MSDS sleeves are ideal for organisations who wish to ensure rapid response. Heavy-duty weather-proof spill kit covers help protect wheelie bins from rain and rubbish ingress. Spark proof shovels ensure that it doesn’t hold a static charge. Waste bags hold hazardous or infectious materials such as asbestos, clinical waste, and cytotoxic fluids for safety disposal. Accessories extend the features of your spill kit and increase their safety value.

If you need more information about our spill kit accessories, please contact our technical sales team.

  • Asbestos Disposal Bags

    These Asbestos Disposal Bags measure 600x900mm. They are manufactured from 200 micron virgin resin as per requirements. Available in packs of 10.

  • Clinical Waste Bags

    These clinical waste bags are gusseted and flat bottomed to enable them to stand alone to minimise handling and cross contamination.

  • Compact Floating Containment Boom

    This compact floating boom is ideal for controlling spills of oil and fuel in most marine environments. The floating containment boom is manufactured from heavy-duty oil resistant PVC and is available in 10 metre lengths. It has marine grade alloy joiners that easily lock together to create any length required. A 200mm freeboard(float) and 250mm skirt make it suitable for most conditions. The six(6)mm galvanised chain ballast keeps the shirt in place during tidal movements. When not in use it packs up into a PVC carry bag measuring 600 x 350 x 450(H)mm and has a dry weight of 16kg.

  • Contaminated Waste Bags & Ties

    These heavy-duty contaminated waste bags are made of polyethylene and therefore have excellent chemical resistance. It is important to use these bags at the end of your spill cleanup procedure to ensure that the waste is deposited into the correct waste stream. Each pack of ten(10) comes with ten(10) cable ties to secure the contents prior to disposal.

  • Cytotoxic Waste Bags

    Measuring 500x700mm, these Cytotoxic Waste Bags are coloured purple and are clearly labelled 'CYTOTOXIC WASTE' as per requirements for medical and laboratory use. Available in packs of 10

  • Heavy Duty Weather Proof Spill Kit Cover

    Protect your spill kit contents in all weather conditions with this heavy duty Weather-Proof Spill Kit Cover. Manufactured from heavy-duty clear poly vinyl, this Weather-Proof Spill Kit cover will stand the test of time. It is designed to fit 240, 140 and 120 litre bins and is secured with velcro ties and elastic to ensure it won't blow off or go missing during spill clean up.

  • PPE & MSDS Sleeve

    The longer it takes to get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) the further the spill can spread. The PPE & MSDS sleeve can be placed in your kit to ensure rapid response. Put your own PPE in it or choose from our range in the “Personal Protection” area of this site.

  • Spark Proof Shovel

    This spark proof shovel is made from polyethylene and has been treated with a static dissapative additive to ensure that it doesn't hold a static charge.