OPA & Glutaraldehyde Spill Response Kit

OPA & Glutaraldehyde Spill Response Kit - ZTSSGNK

This ZTSSGNK gluteraldehyde spill response kit is designed to treat and absorb gluteraldehyde spills.

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The gluteraledehyde pre-treatment powder can treat up to 4L of 1% solution and the absorbent polymer powder can the solidify up to 5L of spill. The conversion from a liquid hazard into an easily managed solidified gel takes under 5 minutes.

This spill kit comes complete with warning signs, instructions, waste disposal bags and basic personal protection equipment but additional equipment such as extra absorbents or organic vapour respirators can be included if required.

ZTSSGNK Contents

  • Glutaraldehyde/OPA Neutralising Powder
  • Fluid Solidifying Polymer
  • MAX60 Absorbent Sheets
  • Facemask & Eyeshield
  • Protective Disposable Apron
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Labelled 10L Pail
  • Scoop and Scraper
  • Clinical Waste Bags
  • Overshoes and Hairnet
  • ”Caution Spill” sign
  • Instruction Sheet

Additional information

Absorbing Capacity

5 Litres

Container Volume

15 Litre Pail


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