Saline Eyewash

The moments after chemical or particles come in contact with the eye are critical. The speed of first aid can be the difference eye health and loss of sight. That is why the saline eyewash station is a crucial first response product.

  • Dual Bottle Saline Eyewash Station

    These saline eyewash bottles are an ideal first aid response to chemicals or particles in the eye.

    2 x 944ml eyewash bottle

    2 x wall mount

    2 x diffusing eyecup

    1 x eyewash sign

  • Saline Eye Wash Station

    Salinaax Eye Wash from Spill Station is a sterile buffered isotonic solution formulated to provide optimum first response eye and skin irrigation. The exclusive eyewash diffuser cup fits comfortably on the eye and ensures an even flow of flushing solution. It fits snugly into the wall mount to ensure fast access and keep the eye cup free of dust. To use this saline eyewash station simply grab, twist and start treatment.