Disposable Oil Water Filter

Disposable Oil Water Filter

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The Spill Station® Disposable Oil Fuel Filter:

∇ Removes over 99.8% of hydrocarbons
∇ Designed to remove hydrocarbons (oil/fuel) from waste water.
∇ Also effective in removing sediment from water and oily water.
∇ Ideal for de-watering bund pits – up to 200L p/m.
∇ Will remove up to 30kg of oil/fuel from water.
∇ Suitable for disposal into trade waste landfill.
∇ Perfect for use with Quickbund Portable Bunding System

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Ideal for the removal of hydrocarbons and sediment from bunds and pits.

Independent testing shows removal of up to 99.8% of hydrocarbons.

Supplied with:   Filter

Dispersal wand with 2in female camlock

Field tests conducted on pit pumping operations have been most encouraging.
The telecommunications pits contained water contaminated with hydrocarbons. The Disposable
Oil/Water Seperator performed up to expectations – after 30mins with a flow rate of 200L per minute the filter was still discharging no detectable oil.

A standard size filter will absorb up to 30kg of hydrocarbons but it can be produced in sizes to suit any application. Several filters can be set up in parallel to allow for larger volumes of water to be polished.

The portability of the Oil/Water Seperator make it the ideal tool for hydrocarbon waste water operations in difficult or remote field sites.

The filter bag is disposable and can be supplied with replacements.