770 Litre Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

TSS660W 770 Litre Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

When responding to oil and fuel spills of up to 770 litres, TSS660W spill kit is the one to choose. Because it is packed in a lockable poly storage bin made from durable polyethylene plastic it can take rough treatment. The highly absorbent oil pads are easy to deploy and retrieve. No brooms or shovels required for oil spill clean up. All components are available when you need to restock.

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Additional information

Dimensions 1200 × 1340 × 750 mm
Absorbing Capacity

770 ltr


other fuels and hydrocarbons


designed for quick response
has enough equipment for four people at the one time
comes in a durable 660 litre polyethylene moulded storage bin
is fitted with lockable wheels for quick response and safe parking even on sloping sites
has clear labelling
wall locator sticker
instruction sheet
4 pairs of overalls, gloves and splash goggles included
can absorb up to 770 litres of liquid, ready for disposal
includes 2 x 800 g Plugitup putty
refills always available


150 oil or fuel absorbent pads 430 x 480 mm
1 oil or fuel absorbent roll 46 m x 480 mm
10 oil or fuel absorbent boom 3.0 m x 75 mm
10 oil or fuel absorbent boom 1.2 m x 75 mm
20 contaminated waste bags & ties
2 Plugitup putty 800 grams
4 pair oil resistant gloves
4 disposable Tyvek overalls
4 splash goggles
1 poly storage bin with lockable wheels 660 ltr

With oil only pads as the primary absorbent, these spill kits are designed for use on a sealed surface such as the workshop floor. These pads are ideal for proactive applications such as positioning under leaking machinery. They are packed in hard wearing high-visibility bins and contain everything you need to absorb spills.

The 660 litre poly storage bin is made from durable polyethylene plastic so it can take rough treatment. Because all of the absorbents are in pad form there is no need for brooms and shovels in the cleanup. All oil & fuel spill kit components are available when you need to restock.

For use on land in a wide range of industrial environments including: agri-business, bulk liquid transfer, factory, warehouse, workshop, re-fueling area, loading dock, Class 3 Flammables Storage, Class 6 Toxic Storage. Recommended refill is TSS660WR 770 litre oil & fuel absorbents.

A full training package is available at no additional cost. It consists of a demonstration DVD, PowerPoint presentation and multiple choice questionnaire.


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