Learn Flammable Cabinet Safety Rules

A flammable cabinet is a safety measure that is intended to reduce risk for your workplace. It’s designed to hold your hazardous liquids away from where they can be easily accessed in flame proof cabinets that are designed to contain spills, protect from fires and keep unwanted people out.  

But for flammable storage cabinets to work correctly, you need to understand the rules that are put in place by the Australian law to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Rule No. 1 Get Lighting & Signage Right

When you store a flammable cabinet in Australia there are some general rules, and one is that hazardous chemicals must be stored within cabinets with the right warning placards and safety signs. It’s a requirement that all signs and markings are completely visible at a glance, and when the cabinet doors are closed. 

Some things to remember:

  • Make sure warning signs, placards and flammable cabinet labels are not covered. This includes making sure fabric such as uniforms are not draped over the cabinets, and things are not left in front of the cabinet such as sheet metal or forklifts. 
  • Missing, scratched or damaged signs need to be replaced as soon as possible. 
  • Lighting must be safe and functional, so make sure there is enough lighting to read the signs and lighting must not be sparking.  

Rule No. 2 Keep the Area Clean

Make sure that the area around your flammable liquid cabinet is clean and don’t allow any misuse of the space. 

The following is the minimum that must be done: 

  • Don’t let workers carry out maintenance or repair work near the cabinets. Sparks and flames need to be kept away from the cabinet, so things like welding, cutting or soldering can be hazardous.
  • Never let people climb into the cabinet.
  • Restrict general and vehicle access to the area, unless there are crash bollards and other impact protection types around the cabinet.
  • Make sure cleaners, contractors and other personnel keep incompatible chemicals and ignition sources away from the area near flammable cabinets. 
  • There should be a clear space between the flammable cabinet, the first aid kit, as well as the emergency shower and eyewash stations. 

Rule No 3. Maintenance Matters

Flammable cabinets need maintenance, and this will help keep the cabinets lasting longer and remaining safe and compliant. 

You should be undertaking the following regularly:

  • Inspect the inside and outside of the cabinet for dents, damage, spills or corrosion.
  • Follow up if incidents involving the cabinet aren’t recorded.
  • Inspect the containers inside the cabinet for signs of deterioration. 
  • Check working parts to make sure they’re optimal.

Rule No 4. Go With Spill Station 

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