Non-Slip Leak Proof Absorbent Roll

Non-Slip Leak Proof Absorbent Roll

Protect floors, benches and shelves with this hard wearing non-slip absorbent roll. As well as being non-slip, each square metre can absorb over 4 litres of fluid. Suitable for oils, fuels, hydraulic fluid, cutting fluid and more.

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Packed in a handy dispenser box, each 30m leak-proof absorbent roll is 800mm wide. Ideal for kitchens, workshops, hospitality, hospitals, entrances, factories or any area where slips on wet floors can occur.

Keep your workplace safe and free of slip hazards with this 3-layer non-slip leak-proof absorbent roll. Microsorb® SMF heavy weight grey universal anti-slip sorbent roll with a barrier base layer to protect floor surfaces. This leak-proof absorbent roll has a hard wearing cover stock for use in high foot traffic areas, around leaking machinery and even under forklift traffic.  The dark covers hides oil and grease as it removes it from dirty footwear.

The middle layer is universal absorbent polypropylene. It’s high absorbent characteristics combined with excellent chemical resistance make it perfect for a wide range of applications.

The base layer prevents liquid from coming into contact with the ground and preventing potential slip hazards.

Ideal for a range of applications:

Work bench - Keep surfaces clean and make clean up easy when when working on wet or oily machine parts.

Mobile workmat - Protects the ground from spills and keeps workers dry and clean.

Entrance ways - Stop oil and grease from tracking through clean areas.

Production areas - prevent trolleys from spreading liquids across work areas.

Around Machinery - tough outer layer will not fall apart even when wet.


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