Scheduled Spill Kit Maintenance

Scheduled Spill Kit Maintenance

To ensure that your organisation is meeting obligations under clause 37 and 362 of the WHS regulations and staff are equipped to respond to hazardous spills, Spill Station Australia offers a complete 18 point Spill Kit Maintenance Program for your spill control equipment.

By handing over ownership of spill kit maintenance to Spill Station Australia you can allow your team the the time to focus on the business of doing business.

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– Complete initial spill response capacity audit

– Spill kits are numbered and marked on a site map for inclusion in the chemical manifest

- Quarterly Spill Station® documented 18 point inspection on each spill kit

– All used individual components are restocked at the bulk rates at the time of inspection

– Written reports are provided with each inspection detailing the condition of all onsite spill kits

– Emergency re-stocks available for dispatch within 24 hours.

- All inspected spill kits are fitted with a tamper evident audit tag

– Training tools supplied as required, ensuring that even new staff can effectively respond to
hazardous spills.



– A complete record of Spill Station® Spill Kit use is provided to assist you in formulating loss minimisation and EHS management strategies for specific site areas.

– Maintenance of service records provides evidence that your site is meeting due diligence and environmental duty of care requirements.

– Provision of training materials assists in meeting staff training obligations

– Capacity to effectively respond to spills and reduce exposure to prosecution is significantly improved.

– Spill Station Service Technicians can assist in spill control gap identification and problem solving.

– Any used spill kit components are immediately replaced at the time of inspection avoiding freight charges.

– You can be confident in the knowledge that Spill Station is giving you the safety and environment accountability you need

Spill Station Requirements

– Provision of a site map to mark spill kit locations

– Site access requirements including inductions, site restrictions and required PPE

– A completed Spill Kit Service Agreement form

Service Intervals

– Spill kit maintenance can be undertaken of a quarterly or monthly basis as required based on usage and risk analysis

Term of Agreement

– One (1) year or three (3) years


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37 Maintenance of control measures

A duty holder who implements a control measure to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety must ensure that the control measure is, and is maintained so that it remains, effective, including by ensuring that the control measure is and remains:
(a) fit for purpose, and
(b) suitable for the nature and duration of the work, and
(c) installed, set up and used correctly.


362 Safety equipment
(1) This clause applies if safety equipment is required to control an
identified risk in relation to using, handling, generating or storing
hazardous chemicals at a workplace.

(2) A person conducting a business or undertaking at the workplace must
ensure that the safety equipment is provided, maintained and readily
accessible to persons at the workplace.

Maximum penalty:
(a) in the case of an individual—$6,000, or
(b) in the case of a body corporate—$30,000.