Gas & Aerosol Storage

Gas Bottle Storage Cages Designed to Meet Australian Standard AS4332-2004

Gas bottle storage cages secure in place compressed gas cylinders such as forklift gas cylinders, LPG cylinders, and aerosols. Gas bottle cabinets protect your business and employees, reduce the risk of fire and explosion because of the high pressures inside the gas cylinders, and improve safety by storing hazardous gas cylinders in compliant cabinets. If flammable, oxidizing or reactive gases are handled or stored in your premises, Australian legislation requires employers to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors by guaranteeing that gas cylinders are stored, packaged and labeled correctly in accordance with mandatory Australian Standards AS4332-2004 codes and regulations.

If you need more information about our gas bottle storage solutions, please contact our technical sales team.

  • Aerosol Storage Cage

    Store your aerosols in a safe and compliant manner with our range of Australian made aerosol storage cages. These aerosol storage cages are available in a range of sizes from 12 can to 432 can sizes.

  • Forklift Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

    Forklift safety cages are 100% Australian made from powder coated steel. They are specifically designed for forklift gas cylinders and are available in a range of sizes from 2 to 12 cylinders. Our range of gas storage cage fully comply with AS4332-2004 that ensure the safety storage and handling of gases in cylinders. Forklift gas cylinder cages secure cylinders by placing them on a level surface and chained to prevent tipping over. We also have gas cages for LPG cylinders.

  • LPG Gas Bottle Cage (9 Kilogram)

    These LPG storage cages are compact and designed specifically for 9kg bottles. They are Australian made and comply with AS4332-2004. They are built from solid steel and powder coated for extra durability. The 9kg gas bottle storage cages are available in a range of sizes from 2 bottle to 16 bottle.

  • G Size Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

    Restraint chains for each cylinder. Fold down ramp and forklift channels. Lifting lugs. Includes two fully adjustable restraint bars. Full powder coat finish.

  • Emergency Information Cabinet

    Required for all sites storing hazardous and dangerous goods. Store MSDSs and  information required by emergency services. Lockable latched keeyed to L003 Fire Brigade Locks. Wall mountable and weather-proof. Made from Zinc anneal steel.