spill kit maintenance

App Based Spill Kit Maintenance Now a Reality

Workplace spills and leaks are foreseeable incidents in most workplaces. They can range in size from less than 1 litre to thousands of litres and can occur from drums, plant, vehicles or even people. Left unattended, these spills can become dangerous to worker health and safety.

Spill kits are a common control measure used to effectively contain and clean-up workplace spills. Section 37 of the Work Health and Safety regulation requires than any control measure, “is maintained so that it remains effective, including by ensuring that the control measure is
and remains:

(a) fit for purpose, and
(b) suitable for the nature and duration of the work, and
(c) installed, set up and used correctly.

In order to ensure compliance with Section 37 of the regulation, Spill Station Australia now offer a complete electronic real-time spill kit maintenance service.

What do you get?

Our service technician will visit your site and undertake a full 18-point checklist on each spill kit and restock any used components. This spill kit maintenance checklist covers the accessibility, usability and suitability of each spill response asset. Photos are taken of the spill kit at the start and completion of each kit inspection and any defects or non-compliances are recorded.

Once all onsite spill kits have been inspected and restocked, two reports are instantly compiled and sent. The first is to your accounts department listing the items replaced, line cost and total cost. The second more detailed report is sent to the person responsible for the onsite environment, health and safety compliance. This report contains the completed checklist for each spill kit and an individualized list of components replaced.

As well as documenting compliance with Section 37 of the WHS regulation, this report also demonstrates due diligence and environmental duty of care with regard to spill response and control.

Another benefit of this data is you can track the amount of spills occurring in the vicinity of the spill kit by measuring the quantity of absorbents used. This data can be invaluable when identifying areas of stock loss, profit leakage and work practices that may need improvement.

This checklist based electronic reporting also extends to documenting compliance of chemical storage cabinets as well as safety shower and eyewash equipment.

All three of these services will provide you and your team with visibility, accountability and clarity of reporting to better allow you to plan and implement essential improvements across your work health and safety landscape.

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