Portable Interim Eye/Face Wash

H-STD45GM Portable Interim Eye/Face Wash

Hughes Safety H-STD45GM is a unheated mobile self-contained emergency eye/face wash which incorporates a polypropylene lined cylinder, a stainless steel frame and large pneumatic tyres, making it easy to manoeuvre by one person. Also available as combination shower & eyewash H-STD40K45G or shower only H-STD40K models.

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Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 740 × 1365 × 2400 mm
Dimensions (non-assembled)

740 x 1110 x 1450 mm


Location: Indoor, Outdoor
Climate: Variable
Installation: Mobile
Features: Eye/Face Wash
Pipework: Stainless Steel
Capacity : 114 litres
114 litre capacity providing a constant flow of water for over 1½ minutes.
Wheel spacing can be altered allowing the unit to fit through standard door openings.
Covered eye/face wash protects the bowl and diffusers against dust and debris.
For long distances or for use on uneven surfaces an optional 'A' frame with towing hitch can be fitted.

Pipework & Fittings

316L Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic tubulars & fittings (top arm)

Operating Valve

316L Stainless steel

Shower Spray Outlet

Machine moulded nylon 6

Standard Finish

White gloss painted tank

Water Inlet

1/2" Coupling

Design Operating Pressure

1.2 BAR G – PRE SET (17 PSI)

Test Pressure

10.3 BAR G (149 PSI)

Minimum Flow Rates

Shower: 76 litres/minute minimum
Eye/face wash: 12 litres/minute minimum

Minimum Ambient Operating Temperature

5º C (41º F)

Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature

35º C (95º F)


Eye/face Wash Operation: Pull lid forward

The H-STD45GM portable safety eye/face wash is designed as a quick response, first-aid device for use where a plumbed-in unit is not available and must therefore be backed up by a method of further decontamination.

This unit is easily filled by connecting to a mains water supply via a 15 or 20 mm hose pipe; it is then easily maneuvered to its required position, either by hand, or by fitting an ‘A’ frame (optional) and hooking up to a standard tow ball on a vehicle.

The wheel centres on the optional trolley can be adjusted to enable the unit to be taken through a standard door opening allowing it to be used in laboratories and work rooms etc.

The 114 litre carbon steel cylinder is polypropylene lined to avoid internal corrosion. The exterior is painted with acid resistant white enamel paint and fitted with pictogram ‘Emergency Shower’ signs to International Standard ISO 3864-1 and green and white safety stripes.

Note: Suitable for temporary use and capable of delivering a flush of water for over 1 ½ minutes.


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