Concrete batch Plant Solutions

Concrete Batch Plant Solutions

Concrete Batch Plant Solutions.

All industries pose some type of risk to the environment and the concrete, cement and aggregates industry is no exception. One of the primary risk points on a concrete batch plant is chemicals and sediment laden water discharging through stormwater drains.

Though most sites manage these risks effectively, there is always the opportunity to improve practices. To assist in this continuous improvement, Spill Station have assembled a tailored range of products for concrete batching plants

Chemical management and handling, including waste chemicals is one identified environmental risk area. Spill Station Australia offer a range of spill trays for containers from 20L to 1000L IBC’s. Where a dedicated roofed structure is not available, we have covered bunded units for outdoor storage of chemicals.

Where containment of substances over a larger area is required, RoBund is an excellent solution. It is a modular polyurethane product that bolts to the ground to contain spills but allows vehicles to drive over. Because it is polyurethane it will not chip or crack and can be easily retrofitted to existing sites.

Sediment laden water entering the stormwater system is a constant issue on almost all batching plants. Drain Guards collect solids that wash into stormwater drains and significantly reduce the strain on triple interceptors. They are easily fitted under the drain grate and the installation process occurs above ground so no confined spaces protocols are required.

These Drain Guards are designed to never block even when full. Because they are made from polypropylene, they have the additional feature of removing 99.8% of hydrocarbons that may wash down into the stormwater during a rain event.

Safety shower and eyewash units are a critical piece of safety equipment on all batch plants but are often found in poor condition and therefore non-compliant. The most common problem is that the eyewash dust covers are not replaced or lost and the aerators become blocked. The other problem is the shower/eyewash is exposed to the sun and the water heats up above compliant temperatures.

To combat these common problems, Spill Station offer a self-draining safety shower with a covered eyewash. The eyewash valve is integrated into the lid. This means that in order to turn off the flow of water, the eyewash cover is closed therefore covering the aerators. When the safety shower is turned off all of the water in the shower is drained out of the system, preventing any water from becoming over heated.

Spill Response Kits are a basic piece of environmental/safety equipment found on almost all sites in Australia. The Spill Station Hazchem Spill Kits are a result of over 38 years of experience and are suitable to use common batch plant chemicals as well as oils, fuels, coolant and hydraulic fluids found in vehicles attending the site.

In addition to these products, Spill Station also offer spill kit and safety shower/eyewash compliance audits to ensure your equipment maintains compliance with Australian Standards and WHS regulation.

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