Transport Spills

  • Quickbund Portable Bund 1.9 x 1.9m

    The TSSQB1 portable bund is designed for a single pallet application. It can also be used for pumps and generators. It is compact and weighs only 12 kg making it ideal for field applications. The Australian made Quickbund Portable Bunding System provides a safe and secure area for dealing with a wide range of liquids including acids, caustics, oils & fuels.

  • 361 Litre Polyethylene Overpack Salvage Drum

    The Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum is suitable manufactured from 100% polyethylene and is suitable for containing a wide variety of chemicals (see “more info”). The twist down double walled lid ensure leak free storage. The nestable design allows for efficient storage when no in use.

  • Plugitup Temporary Tank & Drum Repair Putty

    Plugitup allows a single worker to temporarily repair holes, tears and ruptures in tank, drums, pipes, tankers, barrels, etc. No surface preparation is needed – Plugitup bonds to metal, concrete and plastic surfaces, even when dirty or greasy.

  • Saline Eye Wash Station

    Salinaax Eye Wash from Spill Station is a sterile buffered isotonic solution formulated to provide optimum first response eye and skin irrigation. The exclusive eyewash diffuser cup fits comfortably on the eye and ensures an even flow of flushing solution. It fits snugly into the wall mount to ensure fast access and keep the eye cup free of dust. To use this saline eyewash station simply grab, twist and start treatment.

  • Oil & Fuel Absorbent Rolls

    These Fuel and Oil Absorbent Blanket Rolls allow for fast coverage over large areas. Just drop them and unroll them. Perfect for use on dry land and protecting the shore line or river banks in the event oil/fuel spills on water. Absorbs all known hydrocarbons. Repels water and water based liquids. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight. Meets EPA requirements. Colour coded white for easy recognition.

  • Mineral Sponge Absorbent Granules

    Product Features

    • Contains no chemicals.
    • Absorbs vapors as well as liquids.
    • Huge internal surface area allows this material to absorb 70% of its weight in liquid.
    • De-dusted to make handling and clean up easier and safer.
    • Absorbs immediately on contact.
    • maintains it's form even when saturated.
    • Non abrasive
    • Strong wicking action to pull spills from the surface.
    • Absorbs odours and vapours as well as liquids.
    • Suitable to use in windy areas.
    • Suitable for a wide range of common liquids including coolant, oils and fuels.
  • Sukerup 100% Organic General Purpose Absorbent Floorsweep in 50 Litre Bag

    Sukerup 100% Organic General Purpose Absorbent is a natural and renewable absorbent manufactured from processed coconut husk and has excellent absorbent characteristics with hydrocarbon and water based liquids. It is composed of millions of capillary micro sponges that absorb and hold up to 5 times its weight in liquids. It contains no harmful dust or pesticide residues and is lightweight and easy to use. Sold individually or in pallets of 43 bags. Select from the options below and press Request a Quote button.

  • Dirteeze Rough & Smooth Beaded Wipes

    Originators of the micro-beaded wet wipe in 2001, our Dirteeze Rough & Smooth Beaded Wipes remain commonly regarded as the best trade wipe available in the market today. Made of revolutionary “spun-lace” material, one side has micro-beading technology to agitate the surface while the other side is smooth to wipe the surface clean. Tough on grime, kind on hands.

  • Emergency Information Cabinet

    Required for all sites storing hazardous and dangerous goods. Store MSDSs and  information required by emergency services. Lockable latched keeyed to L003 Fire Brigade Locks. Wall mountable and weather-proof. Made from Zinc anneal steel.

  • Stormwater Drain Seal (1200mm x 1200mm)

    After personal safety, the first priority when responding to a spill is to keep it on-site. The Drain Seal is designed to allow one person to be able to protect critical stormwater drains. Simply place the Drain Seal over the drain yellow side down. This yellow side is sticky and will adhere to the drain surround creating a positive seal.