Food & Beverage Spills

  • Floor Mounted Self-draining Combination Shower with Open Bowl Stainless Steel Eye/Face Wash

    All units are supplied with complete maintenance and installation instructions. Technical drawings are available on request.

    Additional Information:
    Location: Outdoor
    Climate: Hot (risk of over-heating)
    Constant Water Supply: Yes
    Installation: Free Standing / Floor Mounted
    Features: Eye/Face Wash
    Pipework: Stainless Steel

  • 4 Drum Spill Pallet

    The 4 drum bunded spill pallet is designed to provide a secure 230 litre secondary containment facility for drums of up to 205 litres. The raised lip, non slip grate and easy drain threaded sump plug ensure ease of use.

    The Spill Station range of bunded spill pallets are 100% virgin resin. They are fully recyclable but contain no recycled contaminants that can compromise chemical resistance and load bearing capacity.

  • Flexible Spill Barrier

    The Flexible Spill Barrier is a reusable non-absorbent alternative to the disposable booms found in all Spill Station® Spill Kits. This flexible PVC material actually adheres to sealed surfaces when deployed. This tacky characteristic maximises contact with the ground and can be recharged simply by washing with soap and warm water. With excellent chemical resistance, this unit can be used hundreds of times. Packed in hi-vis yellow bag. Joiners available.

  • Double IBC Spill Pallet

    Suitable for holding 2 x 1000l IBC tank. Also suitable for 8 x 250l (44gal) drums. Rotomolded from 100% polyethylene. Has excellent broadband chemical resistance. Removable non-slip grates. Dispensing well/overflow sump also available. Pallet covers are also available to protect the load and sump. Meets epa requirements. Dispensing well and ibc funnel available separately.

  • Double Weight Hazchem Absorbent Pads

    Spill Station Double-Weight Hazchem Absorbent Pads are made from polypropylene microfibres. They have excellent chemical resistance and outstanding absorbent capabilities. Triple layer construction. Lo-lint SpillSecure Technology. 60% stronger. Dimpled for faster absorbing. Perfect for area where a variety of liquids including acids, caustics and hydrocarbons are stored and used.

  • Flat Drain Guard (1100mm x 1100mm)

    The Flat Grain Guard sits underneath the stormwater grate and removes sediment and up to 98% of hydrocarbons that flow through. The catchment zone has an overflow space located at the top to ensure that blockages will not occur even when the filter is full.

  • Dirteeze Multi Purpose Anti Bacterial Wipes Bucket

    Dirteeze Multi Purpose Anti Bacterial Wipes comes in bucket size. Ideal for catering and food production areas. Up to a Log 6 reduction of bacteria and 10 seconds. Wipes are alcohol free, bleach free, cruelty free, fragrance free, pH neutral, and skin friendly.

  • 100 Litre Corrosive Substance Safety Cabinet

    Full compliance with AS 3780-1994. Sequentially closing doors. Sparkproof 3-point latching mechanism. Piano hinge along the full length of the door for extra strength. Ventillation ports and proven flame arresters. Non-corroding poly trays. Powder coated inish inside and out. Rugged 1.2mm electro-galvanised steel dual skin body and doors. Shelves rated to 120kg loads.

  • Emergency Information Cabinet

    Required for all sites storing hazardous and dangerous goods. Store MSDSs and  information required by emergency services. Lockable latched keeyed to L003 Fire Brigade Locks. Wall mountable and weather-proof. Made from Zinc anneal steel.

  • Stormwater Drain Seal (1200mm x 1200mm)

    After personal safety, the first priority when responding to a spill is to keep it on-site. The Drain Seal is designed to allow one person to be able to protect critical stormwater drains. Simply place the Drain Seal over the drain yellow side down. This yellow side is sticky and will adhere to the drain surround creating a positive seal.