1800 Litre Portable Bunding

TSSQB4 1800 Litre Quickbund Portable Bunding

This Australian made 1800 litre Portable Bunding System is designed to hold 2 pallets of dangerous goods. It provides a safe and secure area for dealing with a wide range of liquids including acids, caustics, oils & fuels.

Manufactured from HRL36 Engineered Membrane, the high-frequency welded seams ensure no leaking and provide maximum strength.

Simply fold down the walls to allow for vehicle, hand truck, pallet jack and forklift access.

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Designed to hold 2 full pallets of a wide range of chemicals in a safe manner this 1800 litre portable bund.

Manufactured from HRL36 engineered membrane it has outstanding chemical resistance.

All seams are high-frequency welded to provide maximum strength in even the most demanding environments.

No tools need for erection. Simply position the 15000L portable bund and unfold.

Application: Temporary and field storage of dangerous goods

Deployed Size: 3.2 x 1.9 x 0.3m

Pack Size: 700 x 700 x 100mm

Weight:  19kg

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 3200 × 1900 × 300 mm

1800 ltrs


900 GSM

Pack Size

700 x 700 x 100 mm


Chemical storage facilities.
Pesticide storage facilities.
Petroleum storage facilities.
Electrical transformers containing oil and/or PCBs.
Facilities used to transfer stored liquids (such as transport facilities).
Drum storage areas, either temporary or permanent.
Processing or assembly (downstream) manufacturing areas.
Any other facilities that store substances other than water or uncontaminated stormwater. For example, milk (because of its high biological oxygen demand and solubility) can cause more environmental damage than oil (which floats on water and is removed relatively easily), so bunding might be required.
Any other locations where spills are common, including transfer points, workshops, factories, service stations, buildings or pieces of machinery, wash bays, and other areas in which a material is transferred from its container.


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Spill Station Quickbund Chemical Resistance Guide

 CHEMICAL                           Rating              CHEMICAL                  Rating

AFF                                          ND                         JP-4 jet Fuel                 A

Acetic Acid (5%)                       A                           JP-5 Jet Fuel                A

Acetic Acid (50%)                     B                           JP-8 Jet Fuel                A

Ammonium Hydroxide               A                           Kerosene                      A

Ammonium Phosphate             A                           Magnesium Chloride     A

Ammonium Sulfate                    A                           Magnesium Hydroxide A

Antifreeze (ethylene glycol)       A                           Methanol                      A

Animal Oil                                 A                           Methyl Alcohol              A

Aqua Regia                              X                            Methyl Ethyl Ketone      X

ASTM Fuel A                            A                           Mineral Spirits              A

ASTM Fuel B                            A                           Naphtha                        A

ASTM Fuel C                            A                           Nitric Acid (5%)            A

Benzene                                   X                            Nitric Acid (50%)          B

Calcium Chloride Sol’n              A                           Phenol                          X

Calcium Hydroxide                    A                           Phenol Formaldehyde    B

Chlorine solution (20%)          A                           Phosphoric Acid (50%) A

Corn Oil                                    A                           Phosphoric Acid (100%) B

Crude Oil                                  A                           Potassium Chloride       A

Diesel Fuel                               A                           Potassium Sulfate         A

Ethanol                                     A                           SAE-30 Motor Oil          A

Ethyl Acetate                            X                            Salt Water (25%)          A

Ethyl Alcohol                            A                           Seawater                      A

Fertilizer solution                      A                           Sodium Acetate Sol’n    A

Fluosilicic Acid (30%)               A                           Sodium Bisulfite Sol’n   A

Fuel Oil #2                                A                           Sodium Hydroxide (25%) A

Fuel Oil #6                                A                           Sodium Phosphate        A

Furfural                                    X                            Sulphuric Acid (50%)    B

Gasoline                                  A                           Tannic Acid (50%)        A

Glycerin                                   A                           Toluene                        X

Hexane                                     A                           Transformer Oil            A

Hydraulic Fluid (ester)               X                            Turpentine                    B

Hydrochloric Acid (30%)           A                           UAN                             ND

Hydrofluoric Acid (3%)              A                           Urea Formaldehyde       A

Hydrofluoric Acid (50%)           A                           Vegetable Oil                A

Isopropyl Alcohol                      A                           Water (200F)                A

Ivory™ Soap                            A                           Xylene                          X

Jet A                                        A                           Zinc Chloride                A

A – Should have little or no effect on the material at the given concentration and temperature

B – Some effect on the material at the given concentration and temperature. Caution advised

X – Not recommended.

ND – No data available

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