Driveover Bunding

Cost Effective DIY Permanent Floor Bunds

Permanent floor bunds are the most affordable bund containment alternative to concrete “speed hump” style floor bunding. The most effective manner of ensuring oils or chemicals do not leave your production area, factory floor or workshop and cause pollution is to create a permanent barrier between where liquids such as oils and coolant are used and exit points such as a roller door. Trafficable bunding is the most cost effective do-it-yourself method of achieving this outcome.

Robund is hard-wearing and will not crack under the heaviest loads. Drive over bunding is made from 100% memory foam encased in heavy weight coated PVC and collapses down as vehicle wheels roll over it and springs back to shape after the wheel has passed.

Both types of floor bunds are easily retrofitted to any sealed surface. Both floor bunding come complete with masonry anchors, sealant and adhesive. Each design comes complete with step-by-step installation instructions. This easy to install bunding solution can be cut to any size required and is ready to be driven over in 24 hours.

If you need more information about our permanent floor bunds, please contact our technical sales team.

  • 10 Metre Drive Over Bunding Kit (Collapsible)

    Drive-Over Bunding is an ideal way to create secure bunded areas in workshops, liquid storage areas and across warehouse doorways and can be driven over after 24 hours

  • 5 Metre Drive Over Bunding Kit (Collapsible)

    The coated PVC material used in this bunding product is the same used for marine oil containment booms. The 100% memory foam springs back to shape once the vehicle passes. Best suited for medium volume traffic areas.

  • 2 Metre Drive Over Bunding Kit (Collapsible)

    Here at Spill Station Australia our aim is to protect the people, property and the environment. We do this by providing the leading safety and storage solutions for almost every situation including top quality permanent and portable bunds.

  • Drive Over Bunding Kit Corner Piece (Collapsible)

    These 90deg. corners are made from 100% memory foam and are encased in 900gsm coated PVC. An ideal alternative to concrete bunding. Best suited to medium traffic volume. These 90° corner pieces allow you to configure your Drive-over Bunding to suit your bunding requirements. 400x400mm along the outside edge


  • Robund High Traffic Bunding

    Tough, flexible, floor bunding for traffic areas. Excellent barrier across doorways, bunding drums or around machines to keep leaks and drips contained. Use in warehouses, factories or workshops on sealed surfaces.

  • Robund Corner Piece

    Configure your Robund Trafficable bunding to suit you workplace with this 90 degree corner piece. Each bunding kit comes complete with masonry anchors and sealant/adhesive. Outside edge 350 x 350mm.

  • Car or Truck Washpad

    This compact and portable washbay makes environmental compliance for mobile car and truck detailers simple and cost effective. This 3x6m unit is constructed from 900gsm PVC and has a dry weight of only 20kg. The Washpad folds down to 600x800x350mm and takes less than a minute to set up. Foam filled ends allow for drive-through applications. It is also ideal for bunding damaged machinery, tankers during liquid delivery & removal and hydraulic repairs. Custom sizes to suit all automotive applications also available. See below for details on the Washbay Pump for how to remove contained water for reuse.