Drip & Catchment Trays

For the Best Drip Trays, Drip Catchment, Spill Trays, Trust Only Spill Station

When you need a top quality drip tray that is durable, functional and designed for your exact needs you need Spill Station Australia. We are the country’s leading environment, health and safety firm. Our drip trays have been designed to help you to comply with today’s environment protection and WHS regulations, they are made to ensure that your workplace is safe whilst minimise time spent on these secondary tasks. Streamlined safety for people, property and the environment, that is Spill Station Australia’s focus.

We have a huge range of drip trays available for any application, from a small drip tray that is ideal for mechanics and painters through to huge spill trays that can handle 205 litre drums. Our drip trays are made to handle even the most corrosive and toxic materials, they are made from a chemically resistant roto-moulded polyethylene for superior durability. They are also extremely functional, we have drum trays that the barrel sits in perfectly, high sided trays for added stability, low profile bench-top drip trays for easy access.

With decades of experience in the sector, you know that you can trust Spill Station Australia products, we work hard to ensure all of our drip trays are well designed and made using only the very best materials. We balance our vast experience with an innovative focus, always aiming to improve our products so that they deliver great functionality and durability.