Portable Showers

Weather you are at home base or in the field, safety is first. These portable safety showers are designed to ensure you are safe even when mains water supply is not available. The solar and battery powered emergency shower and eyewash units can be skid or trailer mounted for ultimate portability.

  • Portable Interim Safety Shower

    This unit is easily filled by connecting to a mains water supply via a 15 or 20 mm hose pipe; it is then easily manoeuvred to its required position, either by hand, or by fitting an ‘A’ frame (optional) and hooking up to a standard tow ball on a vehicle. Pictured with optional eyewash and drench hose.

  • Battery Powered Safety Shower

    This Australian made battery powered safety shower and eye wash is designed for use in remote area applications and is compliant with AS4775. When the battery is charged, it can run the emergency shower and eye wash for up to 40 hours. No outside water supply is required as water is drawn from the enclosed 1500L tank. Ideal for mining, exploration and shut downs.

  • Solar Powered Safety Shower

    Designed and made in Australia, this emergency solar powered safety shower and eyewash is completely self contained. The twin 80W solar cells keep the 235amp battery fully charged even in shady or cloudy condition. Testing done on the water temperature showed only a 4degC variation over a 3 month trail conducted in WA from Jan-March.