Safety Showers & Eyewash

Hughes Safety Showers Master Distributor. World's Most Reliable. 2 Year Warranty

Under the various Australian Standards for the storage and handling of different classes of chemicals, safety showers and eyewash stations are required to be between 2 metres and 10 metres of where packages are stored and opened. This requirement is in all of these standards as emergency showers and eye wash equipment is a vital part of any first response to a chemical spill.

All of the emergency showers and eye wash stations in the Spill Station® range meet Australian Standards AS4775, ANSI and European standards. The range includes units for indoor, outdoor, mobile and remote applications.

Our range of plumbed in units have a 2 year warranty. Australian Standards AS4775 requires annual servicing of safety shower and eyewash equipment in order to remain compliant. If you choose Spill Station® for this compliance service we will increase the warranty to 5 years.

If you need more information about our safety showers & eyewash, please contact our technical sales team.