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Hydroclenz Eyewash Water Preservative

HydroClenz eyewash water preservative is a safe and effective way to inhibit the growth of Legionella and other harmful bacteria in your self contained safety shower or tank fed eye/face wash systems for 3 years. Kills Bacteria (including legionella and E. Coli), balances ph, eliminates biofilm, prevents corrosion and maintains water quality.

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The Australian Standard for safety shower and eyewash equipment (AS4775) requires that water used in self-contained equipment is potable (safe to drink). This meant you had to empty out all of the water every 3-6 months, refill then add chemical water preservatives. The new Hydroclenz cartridge changes this and makes compliance easy and cost effective.

The cartridges use IONamix™ media technology to provide constant protedion against infestations of pathogenic bacteria in water systems. They also prevent the build -up of scale, biofilm and rust, conditions that can affect water flow, valve Hydroclenz Bacteriostatic Sachet operation and the growth of harmful bacteria.

Easy to Use and Install
Simple to install and easy to use, HydroClenz cartridges are nonchemical, non-powered, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Manufactured for stored water systems, the HydroClenz 2000 series of cartridges are simply immersed in the tank and the process of water quality protection starts immediately.

Constant Protection Against Pathogenic Bacteria
HydroClenz uses IONamixTM media technology, a combination of active ceramic and noble metal matrix that causes oxidation of the water and ionisation, a powerful disinfectant process that disrupts the replication of waterbome pathogenic bacteria. Maintains water quality for 3 years

Prevention of Biofilm, Scale & Corrosion
IONamixTM media technology balances the PH of the water preventing the build-up of scale, biofilm and

3 Year Protection and Low Maintenance
The HydroClenz controls bacterial infestation and the build up of biofilm, scale and corrosion for up to 3 years. Apart from intermittent removal of sediment from the product, no further maintenance is required.

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