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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Rolls

These Fuel and Oil Absorbent Blanket Rolls allow for fast coverage over large areas. Just drop them and unroll them. Perfect for use on dry land and protecting the shore line or river banks in the event oil/fuel spills on water. Absorbs all known hydrocarbons. Repels water and water based liquids. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight. Meets EPA requirements. Colour coded white for easy recognition.

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The Spill Station range of fuel and oil absorbent rolls are made to provide fast response over larger spills.

They are manufactured from polypropylene microfibres for high performance in wet and dry conditions. The unique “Spill Secure Technology” in every roll keeps the spilled hydrocarbon and and keeps the water out. This feature makes it suitable to use on shorelines, water surfaces and during rain events. It is also just as effective in the dry.

These rolls are super absorbent and can absorb up to 20 times their weight on spilled hydrocarbon. They are dimpled for accelerated absorption speeds and laminated for extra strength.

Perforations every 500mm makes these rolls easy to use and cost effective because you only use what you need.


Item Code Description Size
BR202 Oil/Fuel Absorbent Roll 46m x 960mm 400gsm
BR215 Oil/Fuel Absorbent Roll 50m x 1m 200gsm
BR211 Oil/Fuel Absorbent Roll 50m x 500mm 200gsm