Chemical Absorbent Booms

Chemical Absorbent Booms

Contain and minimise the area effected by land based spills of a wide variety of chemicals with Sukerup Hazchem Absorbent Booms. Absorbs acids, caustics, alkalis, oils and fuels. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight. Meets EPA requirements. Colour coded blue for easy recognition.

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When dealing with liquid spills on land, the first priority after personal safety is to contain the spill using chemical absorbent booms.

By containing the spill you are minimising the area effected and therefore reducing clean up time. By scaling down the size of the area affected, it reduces downtime and interruption to workplace activities.

Chemical absorbent booms are a critical part of any spill plan and a variety of booms are included in all Spill Station spill kits.


Item Code Description Size
EMB12100 Chemical Absorbent Boom 1.2m x 75mm
EMB30100 Chemical Absorbent Boom 3.0m x 75mm
EMB30200 Chemical Absorbent Boom 3.0m x 200mm


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