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Chemical Absorbent Blanket Rolls

These Hazchem Absorbent Blanket Rolls allow for fast coverage over large areas. Just drop them and unroll them. Absorbs acids, caustics, alkalis, oils and fuels. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight. Meets EPA requirements. Colour coded blue for easy recognition.

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When you need to cover a large spill area fast, these chemical absorbent blanket rolls are ideal.

This absorbent is made from polypropylene that is infused with surfactant to allow it to pick up water-based liquids as well as oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons.

These Chemical Absorbent Blanket Rolls are dimpled for accelerated absorption and laminated with a spun woven coverstock for extra strength.

They are also perforated every 500mm to make it easy to tear off only what is required to clean the spill.

A range of sizes and weights are available to suit your requirements.


Item Code Description Size
EBR307 Hazchem Absorbent Roll 46m x 960mm   400gsm
EBR308 Hazchem Absorbent Roll 46m x 480mm   400gsm
EBR309 Hazchem Absorbent Roll 50m x 500mm   200gsm