Dangerous Goods Cabinets

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets Designed to Exceed Australian AS1940-2004

Australian made dangerous goods storage cabinets comply with all relevant Australian Standards for the safe storage of all classes of chemicals and are available in a range of sizes. Perfect for all dangerous applications and improve safety by storing hazardous chemicals and other harmful substances in compliant cabinets.

If hazardous goods are handled or stored in your premises, Australian legislation requires employers to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors by guaranteeing that dangerous goods are stored, packaged and labeled correctly in accordance with mandatory Australian Standards AS1940-2004 codes and regulations as follows:

  • A Class 3 Dangerous Goods label with sides of at least 250 millimetre nominal.
  • A sign bearing the words, “NO SMOKING, NO IGNITION SOURCES WITHIN 3 METRES” in lettering at least 50 millimetre high.
  • Baked enamel lead free paint inside and out eliminating corrosion issues.
  • Built-in ground connector.
  • Continuous piano hinge ensuring smooth closure.
  • Each cabinet is marked with the maximum storage capacity.
  • Each cabinet is marked with the name and address of the manufacturer.
  • Fitted with ventilation ducts and built in flame arrestors.
  • Fully welded 150 millimetre deep liquid tight sump.
  • Self-closing mechanism.
  • Three point self-latching self locking system.

If you need more information about our dangerous goods storage solutions, please contact our technical sales team.