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World’s Best Safety Showers

World's Best Safety Showers

Economy Outdoor Safety Shower

Economy Outdoor Safety Shower

Exclusive to Spill Station, the Hughes Safety Shower range is now available in Australia.

We have a wide range of environments where safety showers must operate from our red centre to antarctic conditions. The Hughes range of emergency safety showers and eyewash units are designed function in all of these conditions.

All of the safety showers and eyewash units comply with the internationally recognised standard ANSI Z 358.1-2004 as well as the Australian Standard AS4775-2007.

This range includes tank showers for use where water pressure and supply is inadequate. They are fully insulated and are available with sun shields to protect from solar radiation extreme heat conditions or heated for use in cold climates.

World’s best is not just a claim. It is backed up with a 2 year guarantee. That is double the guarantee of other suppliers.

Case Study: Port of Brisbane

Ethanolamine Drum Toxic Spill

Ethanolamine Drum Toxic Spill

On August 29th last year a highly toxic chemical spill from a ship’s container at the Port of Brisbane occurred.

Police declared an emergency situation at Fisherman Island on Saturday and evacuated the immediate area after the chemical ethanolamine leaked from a ship’s container onto hatch covers at the port.

The leaking container was quickly isolated and absorbent material was deployed to contain the spilled liquid to the concrete and bitumen areas. This liquid was identified as Ethanolamine, a toxic, flammable and colourless liquid with an odour similar to ammonia.

“We’ve cleaned up the hatch covers and we’re trying to contain the leak and the spill from the container,” said Phil Klemm, Brisbane duty manager of operations.

“Because it’s a pollutant material we made sure it didn’t have any contact with the environment.”

The Fisherman Island area, at the mouth of the Brisbane River, was evacuated as a precautionary measure. No-one was injured.

After ensuring the correct personal protection equipment was put on, the next critical step was to cover the chemical with sufficient absorbent material to turn this liquids hazard into and easily managed solid.

The contaminated absorbents and PPE were placed it into Overpacks or Salvage Drums, to ensure the material was safety stored prior to appropriate disposal.

It is only with an understanding of the hazards involved on the site, ensuring response participants are correctly trained and proper contingency planning was this potential catastrophe into a safety managed spill response.

To better understand the risks and solutions on your site, call a Spill Station Australia representative for an obligation free spill risk audit.

Free Spill Kit & Training

250 Litre Flammable Liquids Safety Cabinet BCFLS250L

250 Litre Flammable Liquids Safety Cabinet BCFLS250L

Storage of dangerous in cabinets compliant with the Australian Standard is only half of the solution.

AS1940-2004 for the Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids requires sufficient absorbent material to address a spill is also available.

To assist you in complying with your compliance requirements, Spill Station Australia now supply a 20 litre spill kit at no additional charge when you purchase a 160 litre or 250 litre Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet.

To complete the package, a comprehensive spill kit training package is also available with your cabinet at no addition cost. The training pack includes a state specific PowerPoint presentation, demonstration DVD and multiple choice questionnaire.

To take advantage of this offer make sure you mention this blog post when you place your order.

And the winner is...

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Thank you to everyone who sent in their feedback from the last Control & Containment Newsletter.

It is great to hear what you think and I hope you can see some of the changes you suggested in this newsletter and our new website to be launched in mid February.

The iPod Touch was won by Eric Achola. CONGRATULATIONS!

Don’t worry if you missed out as we will be running a prize draw again.

Thanks again to all of the responders and here’s to a great New Year.

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