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Substance Neutralising Spill Response Kits


Glutaraldehyde Spill Kit and Laboratory Spill Response Kit

Glutaraldehyde Spill Kit and Laboratory Spill Response Kit

In hospital, laboratory and education environments, hazardous substances such as body fluids, cleaning & sterilising liquids and other chemicals are in close proximity to hundreds of people each day. It is vital to minimise contact between these substances and the staff, students and patients in these facilities.

Spills from faulty equipment or human error can occur at any time and it is critical that the organisation has the correct equipment on hand to protect people, property and the environment.

The SPILL AID range of spill kits are designed to contain, absorb and neutralise a range of liquids found in clinical and laboratory environments.

In addition to the neutralising agents, each kit contains signage, basic PPE, waste collection scoops and disposal bags. Additional PPE such as organic vapour filters are available if required.

Spill Station® Australia also stock larger spill kits for engineering, environmental services and grounds keeping applications.

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